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Florentes Beauty and Aesthetic Clinic


Sector: Beauty Services

Company Description: Florentes Beauty and Aesthetic Clinic, services including chemical peels and plasma lifts to more involved procedures such as face fillers including Anti-Aging Injectable Treatments, Collagen Stimulation, Skin Rejuvenation, Dermal Filler and Chemical Peels.

Objectives: UX Improvements, On Page SEO and Ecommerce Improvements

Geographical Target Location: Dublin, Ireland

B2B Sales Services We Provided: Sales Consultancy, Lead Generation, Value Proposition Definition

Digital Sales & Marketing Services We Provided & Ongoing: Website Design, Keyword Analyse, CMS Design and Development, User Experience, Persona Definition, Digital Consultancy, Search Engine Consultancy, On Page SEO, Technical SEO, Social Media Optimisation, Digital Audit (SEO, PPC, Marketing)

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