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Digital Sales & Marketing Facts from Digital Sales

Interesting Digital Sales Statistics from Ireland

Digital Sales & Marketing Facts from Digital Sales Facebook Engagement Average engagement rates for Facebook Posts in Ireland is 3.94%, however when your post includes a video

A Clutch Reference from a UK client of Digital Sales - Another Great Reference

Digital Sales Appreciates Its Trusted Customers

Did you know that the total amount of retail Ecommerce sales is projected to hit $4.5 trillion by 2021? That’s right… trillion with a ‘T’. In 2019

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Choosing the right Digital Marketing Agency in Cork

Digital Marketing Agency Cork – The internet has really changed the way business is done these days. In fact, the most preferred communication language between businesses and

Digital Branding Agency

Digital Sales – The Digital Branding Agency

Digital Branding Agency – Branding Impact – It’s said that “branding affects perceptions since it is well-known that in blind product testing consumers fail to distinguish between brands”

Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Consultant /s @ Digital Sales

Digital Marketing Consultant – An awful lot of Digital Sales Consultancy reverts to the basics of sales – your company, product or service and the defined value

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Content Marketing Agency

Inbound Marketing Agency – Digital Sales

Inbound Marketing Agency – At Digital Sales we develop, manage and activate social media strategies and campaigns for countless clients, so they can stay focused on their

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Digital Market Segmentation @ Digital Sales

Digital Market Segmentation – Market Segmentation & Market Targeting – Better customer segmentation and targeting will lead to increased customer satisfaction. Marketing segmentation is the process of grouping

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Marketing Funnel

Digital Strategy Consulting – Awareness and Lead Generation – Digital Sales

Digital Strategy Consulting – Apparently 50% of businesses don’t have an integrated Digital Marketing Strategy. Within this blog post we document some consideration and touch on some

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