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Bureau of Internet Accessibility Report

Inclusive Design and an Accessibility Audit

The Iveagh Trust – – Introduction The Iveagh Trust is oldest housing authority in Ireland, based solely in Dublin managing over 1550 houses within inner city

User Flow Diagram - SEPA XML GENERATOR

SEPA XML GENERATOR – An Interactive Design Project

SEPA XML GENERATOR – Project Background The subject software application under review is referred to as a SEPA XML GENERATOR (  The Application allows business owners to

Intranet WordPress

Tuath Housing Launch an Intranet for their Resident Groups

Tuath Housing commissioned the software development and UX team at Digital Sales to develop an Intranet for their Resident Groups.  Which is now live…. The Intranet is

Website User Experience

7 UX (User Experience) Website Checks

As a website owner you have maybe seven seconds to make an impression and in order to make the most of these seven seconds you must have

UD and Accessibility Solution

Reflection and Critical Analyses – UD & Accessibility – The Iveagh Trust

UD and Accessibility Audits versus a User Experience Audit The Audits undertaken within this exercise for The Iveagh Trust are extremely enlightening and certainly highlight valid website

UD and Accessibility Solution
UD and Accessibility Solution

Designing a UD and Accessibility Solution for The Iveagh Trust Website

The focus was to address two of the most popular pages on the website, the Homepage and the Payment Page.  Amendments to the homepage were initially sketched

UD and Accessibility Solution
Image Optimization and Image Resizing

Image Optimization and Image Resizing

While adding images to webpages, there are many things that you need to keep in mind from an SEO perspective. Here is all that you need to

Image Optimization and Image Resizing
Persona One - Margaret

Problem Definition and Users

From the initial Universal Design (UD) and Accessibility audit of the website it was made clear that not all users were fully considered when the site was

Persona One - Margaret
Journey Phases - User Experience

Collect and Examine Information…User Experience – Human-Centred Design

Introduction – Collect and Examine Information…User Experience – Human-Centred Design This Blog Post follows on from the initial user analyses of the Bus Eireann School Transport website,

User Experience Analyses

User Experience Analyses – Human-Centred Design

This blog details an appraisal of the website which processes School Bus Applications for Primary and Post Primary students throughout Ireland on the Bus Eireann website, assuming

UX - User Flow Mapping - Draft of Prototype Flow

Presenting and Discussing a UX Website prototype for Bus Eireann School Transport Website

Introduction – UX Prototype, User Research and Feedback The previous blog post in this series focused on creating strong empathy for the users of the Bus Eireann

The Reviewed Protype from Eligibility to Application - UX Best Practice

Final UX Prototype Design for Bus Eireann School Transport including a Critical Analyses and Evaluation

In previous blog posts within this series (, and ), our analyses and user research identified a number of concerns and pain points both with