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Website Design Cost @ Digital Sales –

Website Design Cost – When you build a custom designed website there are minor annual costs such as Website Hosting (150), One Email Account (50), Domain Name

ecommerce website

5 Tips for Improving Your Web Design

As we move into the digital era it’s no wonder that almost anything can be found online. All IT companies have their own websites that are user

Image Alt Tag Checker Tool

Image Alt Tag Checker Tool at Digital Sales

Image Alt Tag Checker Tool – Click here to to go straight to our Image Alt Tag Checker Tool or read below for the reasons why it

Web Design & Development Services in Dublin

What are the various Web Design & Development Services?

In the most basic sense, Web Design & Development Services involves developing a website for the Internet or the World Wide Web. Web development can range from developing a simple single static page to

Online Broken Link Checker

Online Broken Link Checker @ Digital Sales

Online Broken Link Checker – We continue to add functionality to the Digital Sales Resource Centre with the purpose of facilitate Marketers and business owners with their

Online Broken Link Checker
Google Custom Search

Google Custom Search for improved SEO Performance?

Google Custom Search – It’s said that there are over 200 SEO factors, and you probably won’t find a ‘Google Custom Search’ on any list.  So, why

Google Custom Search
Social Proof

Social Proofing on a Website – in what forms?

‘Social proof is also one of Robert Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion which maintains that people are especially likely to perform certain actions if they can relate

Social Proof
Denis Stone 300 x 300 Logo

Logo Design – Your logo, the cornerstone of your website design

Logo Design from the Creative Design Team at Digital Sales Dublin Everything that your company or service represents should resonate from your logo and at Digital Sales

Denis Stone 300 x 300 Logo
Brochure Website

Brochure Website Design @ Digital Sales

Brochure Website – At Digital Sales we very rarely build brochure type websites, mainly due to the fact that you won’t generate any organic sales leads.  Of


Webdesign and the Bailed Out Irish Banks…What their websites looked like in 2007…Awful!

Webdesign and the Failed Irish Banks…I’ve sold software and training to a number of banks including the Irish Central Bank throughout my career.  Before I would make

Responsive Web Design - Before

Responsive Web Design @ Digital Sales – The Healing House

Responsive Web Design – One of our clients, has just gone from a static coded website (not a CMS) to a responsive web design.  Which encouraged

WordPress Developer

WordPress Developer – Digital Sales

You may ask why many web developer and digital teams use WordPress, well there are many reasons. The main one being it is the most used webs

HTML5 Features

HTML5 Web Development – What is HTML5

HTML5 Web Development – What is HTML5…well, it’s the fifth and most current HTML standard, which makes it very relevant, relevant in terms of usability and SEO. 

HTML5 Features
Malware Removal

Bespoke Website Design or WordPress – The Disadvantages of WordPress and Why at Digital Sales we Custom Build

Bespoke Website Design – WordPress or Custom-Built Websites??  At Digital Sales we get asked that question from prospective clients quite a bit…well, more like…..‘How can we manage

Malware Removal
eCommerce Services

Choosing the right Digital Marketing Agency in Cork

Digital Marketing Agency Cork – The internet has really changed the way business is done these days. In fact, the most preferred communication language between businesses and

eCommerce Services
eCommerce Services

Web Company – Digital Sales

Web Company – The internet is no doubt, the most visited place these days!! And any business that is serious about improving its brand awareness, standing out

eCommerce Services