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Critical Reflective – Speculative Design Project

Critical Reflective – Speculative Design Project

What Went Well

In general terms the project went well and allowed me to challenge my personal perception of the sector that is web design.  Through research and focused consideration my beliefs were challenged to think of the future and what may lie ahead both personally and for my business.  As Balagtas (2019) stated, ‘Speculative Design is a way to manifest possibilities, to prepare us for inconvenient challenges and to facilitate a more desirable, responsible path into the future’.

The project allowed me to research, consider and reflect on the implications of technology and the market forces within the sector.  For example, the influence search engines are having on UX, Website Design and Coding with regards to SEO and also to consider the clients pre-conditioned perception of what they like and why they might hold that position.

Fundamentally I have realised change is not only influence by technology but customers perceptions and desires. Ultimately customers have the final say on a website design and who or what exposure is impacting that customer?

All these factors are creating incremental change and will impact the role of web designers if and when AI/Machine Learning Website Design becomes a reality in the near future.

The Employment Impact of AI/Machine Learning Website Design

The social impact in terms of employability and job descriptions of a Web Designer into the future was considered and reflected on as a business owner.

What the profession of a web designer might look like in the future and what the functions of a web designer future roles may be.  Will there be doubling jobbing, role merging and a need to reskill?  These points I never considered.

But also, what impact technology and developments will have on a website design business. If competitors are pushing template or Website Builder websites at such a low price point, then a custom-built website must be built quickly and as cost effective as possible in order for my business to compete.

Ultimately the project has challenged me to research, factor and plan for the future, a speculative future!

Other Prospects

The project has also made me consider the prospect of leveraging the potential future technology towards other design and coding functions.  Could the same App be developed to generate pages of code which could be imported into a CMS or maybe bypass CMS based website or perhaps it could be used to develop logos or marketing materials.

As the App gets more usage and if the user can provide feedback on the designs generated then the App should produce better designs in the future.


Balagtas, P. 2019. Design Is [Speculative] Futures Design Thinking – a new toolkit for preemptive design. Available from:

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