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How to find Web Designers & SEO Consultants for my business?

How to find Web Designers & SEO Consultants for my business?

It is very important to have a good web design for a business to become an online hit. It is equally important to have good search engine rankings so that your website and brand visibility is enhanced and people visit the website. Hence it is crucial you find good web designers and SEO consultants for your business.

Web Deisgn & SEO Consultants In Dublin


The job of an SEO consultancy depends on the depth of knowledge on how to obtain traffic and the implementation of this work by web designers and consultants. They need to analyse, review and improve websites and search engine performance. They need to decide and recommend better ways to create gradual search engine traffic and high ranking positions. The job requires strategic, critical, analytical and tactical thinking skills in order to effectively optimise the interrelationships between social media and content quality scoring. They need to find out additional information and useful content for better user experiences.


Once your site starts receiving heavy traffic you need to make sure that the chosen agency continually improves your site to get leads or sales from that traffic. Therefore to find the best digital agency, it is very important to look for a few qualities listed below;


  • Keyword analysis, mapping, and research 

You need to find an SEO consultant or web designer who has knowledge of how to do keyword analysis and research. He should also have knowledge and experience in keyword mapping. They need to perform keyword discovery and prioritise keyword targeting strategy for keyword verticals and long phrased keywords. They need to be able to organise web pages and specific topics. He needs to have knowledge about how to strengthen the website content and keyword mapping.


  • Web Page optimisation

He needs to have knowledge about search engine optimisation and website optimisation. He should have knowledge about the latest trends and should be able to integrate keyword features, prominence, semantics, and marketing goals.


  • Look for experience 

Always have a look at the agency’s portfolio. If he/she has work experience go through previous projects. Analyse growth, progress, and success rates. Also, see the type of projects they were involved in. Sometimes if the candidate doesn’t have any experience, you can look at their ideas, training projects, etc. You can choose to work with a fresh or experienced agency. Just keep in mind that the agency should be able to develop new innovative ideas to fill the existing gaps.


  • Improvement Skills

You have to find out if the web designer is proficient in content editing and engine optimisation. If they can reuse the work and create genuine, effective and efficient content that helps your rankings go higher and increases the traffic, then it’s fine. He should be able to use the content management system. Also, the agency should be a team player and have the ability to work and liaise as a team as SEO is not a one-person game. If you want to achieve the best results, you have to create a pool of brilliant minds that work together.


  • SEO techniques

The digital agency should be able to use sophisticated and advanced new technologies to maximise search engine visibility. They should be aware of the tools and software needed for the SEO project and should have expertise in at least one of them for example Google Analytics or Backlink Audits.


So now you know ‘How to find SEO consultant/web designer’. Call Digital Sales and find out about the services that we offer and how we could be the SEO consultant or Web designer that you are looking for.

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