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Keyword Analytics & Domain Registration – Digital Sales

Keyword Analytics & Domain Registration – Digital Sales

Keyword Analytics – Depending on the company strategy and the stage of your company’s growth, will both impact on the domain name a company will or should choose.  Whether you decide to build a brand based on a domain name for example,, or one of our clients, or based on a descriptive domain name that describes your service, for example,  These decisions are strategic and have long term implications, so keyword analytics and research are extremely important.  What domains names are available to buy, might a parked domain name be available to buy and what might you pay?  Is it worth the investment or is an alternative domain name a better approach????

You must think LONG TERM and think strategy and search engine influence…..

Search Engine Ranking & Keyword Analytics

From a search engine ranking perspective, including the keyword string in the domain name was a very strong ranking signal years ago, however this influence has diminished somewhat in recent years.  Regardless, it still holds ranking importance and if you are looking for quick lead generation and relatively quick ranking success, then buy a domain name with that string.  For example, ‘Boiler Repair Dublin’, which is searched 110 times per month in Ireland,  We were able to rank this website very quickly (within three to six months) and it has consistently ranked in the top three organic searches.  The success was primarily down to the domain name and the relatively low competition, using ‘allintitle’, told us that there were only 284 websites using ‘Boiler Repair Dublin’ in ‘Page Titles’.  But essentially the success was down to research, keyword analytics, domain selection and business objectives.

Keyword Analytics – The Steps & Factors you Must Consider when Selecting a Domain Name

  • How Important is immediate Organic Search Position?
  • Compose a list of your keywords and generate keyword ideas – what are your top 20 keywords?
  • What are the monthly search results and volumes for your sector?  And what are the search string trends over months and years, are they going up or down?
  • What Geographical Location are you targeting?  Will you be expanding to other markets in the future?
  • Are you planning on building a brand, is the domain available for your key market?
  • Have you considered SEO on your primary website (one website)?  Or will you have more than one website, a website per geographical location, for example,, etc.  Are these domain name available?
  • Assign the right keywords to the right pages

Keyword Analytics & Domain Registration – Need Help?  

Need Help….we provide digital consultancy services that facilitate companies to sell online and we also build websites…remember we readily customise solutions based on your digital marketing goals and budgets, see our contact details here.

Diarmuid Haughian – Business Development Director – Digital Sales

Dip. International Selling, Cert. Digital Marketing, MSc. BITS, MA Career Guidance

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Keyword Analytics
Keyword Analytics

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