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Malware Removal from Digital Sales

Malware Removal from Digital Sales

Malware Removal – So your website has been hacked and is now infected, you may see warnings on the search engine results like:

Website Malware Removal
Website Malware Removal
Or, when a potential clients tries to click into your website, they get this warning…..

Malware Removal
Malware Removal
But first, if you are interested in our services at Digital Sales, check out this quick video:

Other side effect of a Website Hack and if Malware Removal is not initiated fast…

If users see the warning messages above on their browsers, obviously trust will have been severely broken.  They will hit the BACK button and your traffic figures will fall off a cliff.

If your traffic figures reduce this will effect your organic search engine results, one of the over 200 SEO factors (which is quite high) is website popularity, it is a strong signal to the search engines.  So, not only will your traffic fall off, your SEO position will take a hit very quickly.

As you may be aware search engines may scan and index your website every 3 or 4 days, with a site like they will index it every ten minutes, looking to index breaking news.  So, if the robots try to index your site and its infected, they will start to de-rank your site.  Why would they prioritise a infected website, which could infect their customers PC’s?  Another reason you must quickly react to Malware Removal.

Also, you should register with Google Search Console, they will tell you if there is a problem with your site, sometimes before your customers!

You will get a message similar to and even tell you what urls are infected:

Remove Malware from Website Server
Remove Malware from Website Server
Unfortunately, there are other issues that will effect your business if Malware Removal is not engaged quickly.

Your email reputation will be quickly tarnished, and your outgoing emails will be classed as spam and will go into Spam folders.  Very inconvenience on a number of levels.

To summarise if you do not engage a malware removal company quickly, these are the side effects;

  • Your Traffic Will Drop Off
  • Your Organic SEO Position will be adversely effected
  • Your Email and Domain will be blacklisted – emails will not deliver
  • Your brand will be effected
  • Your revenue and sales will drop

So, how can Digital Sales Ireland help with your Malware Removal?

  1. We will first take a backup of your site
  2. We will then scan and remove the malicious code from your website
  3. Once your site is backup and functioning properly we will contact the blacklisting agencies and clear your site and also let the search engines know
  4. We will provide a report as to how your site security can be improved and suggest alternative hosting options – such as Firewalls, Best Practice, How we can monitor proactively and even provide a yearly malware removal service.
Other Answers to Malware Removal Questions:
  • How long will the removal take – usually no more than a day
  • We will need access to your server
  • How much does it cost, give us a call on +353 1 539 7207 or email: – see our contact details page.

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