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SEO Expert Dublin @ Digital Sales – Some SEO Tips

SEO Expert Dublin @ Digital Sales – Some SEO Tips

SEO Expert Dublin – It’s said that organic search results are free, well it may be true for certain websites, but for ‘most’ that statement is rubbish.  Organic Search Results are not free, in fact get it wrong from the start and it will cost and cost you dear.  I hear you say, SEO Expert Dublin has just made a statement other’s would contend.  And yes, they are right to argue the sentiment, but why does SEO Expert Dublin (Digital Sales) come to such a conclusion?

But first, if you are interested in our services at Digital Sales, check out this quick video:

SEO Expert Dublin – Why Organic results are not free

Pay no attention to your website, do nothing with it and if your website is ranking for certain search string, it will slide, and slide downwards.  As a commissioned SEO Expert for who are based in Dublin, we were ranking first and second for ‘Career Guidance Dublin’, do the search now (July 2019), and they are now position: 9, the bottom of page one, see:

SEO Expert Dublin
SEO Expert Dublin – – Organic Position for Career Guidance Dublin

What activity have they done for the last 12 months?  No fresh blog posts since 2016, No Social Media updates for years – and as credible SEO Experts in Dublin, we made the client well aware of what would happen….

And take a look at the page title:

SEO Expert in Dublin
Page Title – Career Guidance Dublin

This technique may have been acceptable back in 2016 – there are three keywords in the page title for this one page, so, this should be changed to focus on just the one word.  My point is as an SEO Expert for Dublin clients, is that search engines change their algorithms and thus best practice changes all the time.  You have to be ready to change, react fast and react before your competition.

No only must you be ready to adapt, but you must be active on your website and social media channels, and if you have an active and planned digital marketing strategy then that activity will come at a cost.  Labour, time and knowledge all come at a price.

SEO Experts in Dublin – Why is Organic Position so important

You have to remember, natural or organic search on average receives more than 250% more traffic than paid advertisements on Google.  And users seldom click past the first page of Google and first page results on average get 85% more clicks.  If you are still not convinced, users trust organic results much more than paid results (apologies, no research or stats to back this point up).

It is a form of social proof, prospects see you are on page one and they automatically assume, there is probably a good reason they are on page one.  They must we well established, around a long time, have a great website, great reviews, loads of customers and Google trusts them, so the MUST be trustworthy….So, here are some basic SEO tips from the SEO Expert Dublin @ Digital Sales which should in the long term enhance your SEO results…

SEO Experts Dublin – Some SEO Expert Tips

  • Page Content has value in the Google search algorithm – keep adding new, fresh and original content
  • Include your keywords in the first paragraph of text on your webpage – and have approximately 3 to 7% keyword density
  • The actual text or page content is still a powerful and important element in determining your Google position – length of paragraphs, sentences, ease of reading and more…
  • Many websites prefer to minimise text on websites, but they do so at their peril, the less text on your website, the more likely Google will give your website a low score.
SEO Expert Dublin – Good Content

Good content is vital to the success of not only your SEO activities but also the future of your website

  • If your pages contain relevant content, search engines will rank your page higher
  • Update website content regularly – stale and old websites are frustrating for all parties and do not encourage returning visitors
  • Strong content will encourage more sites to link to your pages, resulting in more traffic and increasing your search engine ranking.
SEO Expert in Dublin – Page Rank and Backlinks

PageRank is the original algorithm used by Google Search which measures websites in terms of strength or value on a scale of 1-10. Named after Larry Page (co-founder of Google) Page Rank is heavily influenced by the number of backlinks pointing to your website. A website’s PageRank can increase by having good quality content, etc.

  • Every time a website links to my site it adds some value to the quality of your site
  • Inbound ‘back-links’ are links from 3rd party websites, directing traffic back to your website
  • Each ‘back-link’ is like a vote for your site, indicating you have a quality website
  • However, Google distinguishes between the quality of the website linking to mine. In other words, it doesn’t treat incoming links equally – for example backlinks on Educational website (.edu) are extremely valuable, including .gov websites, these really add value – and the main reason being is that search engines trust these url domain extensions over a link on say!!!!
  • FYI: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is the highest trafficked .edu website – getting a link on this website to your website would be a boon!
  • Backlinks on suspect .com or websites domains with hyphens in them – you should avoid and also, any websites which have been hacked or are used for suspicious activity
  • If the incoming link is from a highly visited site then the more important your website is considered by Google.

Need help with your  SEO activity or strategies?  Contact Digital Sales…and if this blog post has managed to create confidence in your mind? Ask the question, how did you find this blog post and are the keywords in your search within the domain name? – most likely not.  Yes, we can replicate the same results for your company.

Just to expand on the point above, take one of our clients, – the domain name has nothing to do with lawn care, but do a search for ‘lawn care cork’, ‘lawn care dublin’, ‘lawn care’ – yes, a very good SEO expert in Dublin, will sucessfully rank for keywords which are not included in your primary domain name – this point is a very good indicator of SEO performance.

SEO Experts in Dublin – Contact Digital Sales

If you are a company that wants to build a world class website or needs help with your organic search position or generate online sales……do the necessary!!!…contact the Digital Sales team direct send us a mail at:, see our contact us page for our office locations.

Diarmuid Haughian – Business Development Director – Digital Sales

Post Grad Dip. User Experience (UX), Dip. International Selling, Cert. Digital Marketing, MSc. BITS

SEO Expert Dublin

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