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SEO Services in Dublin from Digital Sales – 6 Best Practice Points

SEO Services in Dublin from Digital Sales – 6 Best Practice Points

SEO Services Dublin – If you are searching SEO Services Dublin online, the very fundamentals of best practice SEO are documented below. SEO best practice which we help you generate higher value online leads and ultimately more sales.  And if these six points are not a part of your SEO Services Dublin conversation then you may be on the wrong path, and speaking to the uninformed!!

But first, if you are interested in our services at Digital Sales, check out this quick video:

6 SEO Best Practice Points

1) Search Engine Submission

2) Index Inclusion

3) Keyphrase Analysis (sometimes called Keyword Analysis)

4) On-page Optimisation

5) External Linking

6) Internal Linking Structures

Search Engine Submission for SEO

This is only important if your website is new and has no backlinks to it.  Remove the doubt and submit your website to Google and Bing, using the respective links

Index Inclusion for good SEO Results

  • Ensuring that as many of the relevant pages from your domain are included within the search engine indexes you are targeting to be listed in – make sure you submit a .xml sitemap on Google Search Console, such as: Example .xml sitemap
  • It is important for every page to be unique. Robots do not crawl all the pages or assign them equal weight in terms of page rank or relevance, see the priority code within the .xml link above, <priority>64</priority>. You should update your .xml sitemap as often as you change your site. 

SEO Services Dublin – Keyphrase Analysis sometimes referred to as Keyword Analyses

  • The combination of words users of search engines type into a search box which form a search query
  • See Google Keyword Planner, search online for ‘Google Keyword Planner’ and it will lead you to login using your gmail account, find the link for ‘Keyword Planner’, in order to get exact searches (well close to) you may have to kick off a campaign. Tip, select a keyword nobody will search, select ‘exact match’ and you shouldn’t get billed!!

On-page Optimisation

  • The number of times the keyphrase is repeated in the text of the web page is a key factor in determining the position for a keyphrase – there are other factors at play here, so click on this link for more information on ‘On-page Optimisation

External Linking

  • The number of links into a page and their quality is used to determine the relevance of a page to searchers, especially when combined with the keyphrases on that page – here are a few tips around backlinks.
Internal Linking Structures
  • Many of the same principles of external linking can be applied to links within sites. A meshed structure with lots of interlinks can work better than a simple hierarchy. See the linking within this article??
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Post Grad Dip. User Experience (UX), Dip. International Selling, Cert. Digital Marketing, MSc. BITS

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