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Web Design Galway – Web Design Mistakes to avoid

Web Design Galway – Web Design Mistakes to avoid

Web Design Galway – There are a few common mistakes which are made in the process of finding a web design company for your needs. While there are plenty of quality web design companies in Galway, be sure to check out some of their previous work and have a look at several recommendations we have come up with to help you with your web design needs. Planning to do your own web design or outsource to professionals like those at digital sales, these recommendations should help your produce a top-quality site that will do wonders for your business and your client’s user experience.

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Web Design Galway – Having too much media

When designing your website keep in mind both you and your users experience. You may be inclined to use too much media on your site in the hopes that your customers stay on site, however, this can be detrimental to the user experience. Using the right media and targeting your ideal customer is more important. Too many distractions and/or slow load times will impact how your visitors interact with your site.

Discuss with your digital marketing partners and web designers on what is best for your website and business. Do your customers enjoy videos, images, or written content and what is the end goal of your site? Are you trying to provide information or sell them a product or service? All of these are important aspects to consider when creating your website.

Check out some websites that you enjoy browsing and note some things that you may consider for your site.


Ensure you have a responsive design

Make sure your website has a responsive design that will look good both on a desktop and hand haled device. Most browsing is done on handheld devices and if your website is out of date or looks messy on such devices you will lose a lot of customers. Sometimes desktop and mobile devices formats will look quite different but once they show your brand and what you are trying to display to your customer you will be doing OK.


Any quality web design companies will have mobile as their primary target. Be sure to check out how your site functions on both before launching, this way you can sort out any bugs before a user does.

Web Design Galway – Quality SEO

A well-built site is completely useless without quality SEO. Search engine optimisation is the process of creating media that can be well indexed by search engines, primarily Google. There are many aspects to SEO including on and off-page SEO, social media visibility, age and much more.


All of this helps your website rank in search results meaning more visitors and thus more customers for you. Any web design company in Galway or otherwise should have SEO experts on their team, you may also learn key aspects yourself online through a plateau of platforms.


An SEO optimised site ensures visitors continually find your site during searches. Keywords and placement are one key aspect, and this comes in the form of the media you produce, what products do you sell? Where are you based, what USP do you have over the competition all of this will help your website.


If you outsource to a company such as digital sales, they will create spreadsheets and a blueprint of keyword placement and assist you in creating the media that works for you. Not all pages are ever going to rank but those that do will be a golden ticket to success in your industry. Digital marketing is, of course, another great way to get eyes to your site, but SEO is a much longer game plan and should be implemented immediately.


Using Too Many Pop-ups

Like the idea of having too much media, having too many CTA, information capturing forms or advertisements can be detrimental to the user experience, use targeted and well-placed CTA and popup menus for your visitors. Strategically placed CTAs and popup menus will allow you to capture visitor information, contact details and to advertise new products, services or offerings you have to your customers. For example, would you like a pop-up menu to appear when you click on a new page, a bet to answer is no. But a menu which pops up when your scroll a certain amount is much more appealing.


At Digital Sales we create mockups of how your home page and web pages will look going you an indication of how your site will look when a user is browsing this is a great way to see what appeals to you on your site, you know your customer better than anyone so if it doesn’t work for you it will not work for your customer.


It is common with desktop versions of websites to use popup windows to convey special offers, run adverts, and receive feedback from users. However, lots of web developers still utilize popup windows to complete different tasks while building a mobile site. They must understand that popup windows can directly and adversely affect mobile users of the website.


Hiring the wrong company

If you have decided that you would prefer to hire the help of professionals then you must ensure you do just that, hiring the wrong web design company can do more harm than good. If you are hiring a web design company in Galway, ensure they know your audience, have experience with your type of site and business and are there to make sure you have the best-finished product available.


Companies who want to produce standard templates and web designs are not what you are looking for you want something that is customisable, user friendly and conveys your brand to your customer. We know how close-knit Galway can be so having a business with that familiar touch is key. If you are marketing to tourist then you want a marketing strategy that has the people I mind be they North America tourist or visitor form Europe each demographic has its own set of characteristics that must be taken into account. Shop around for the best company for you and your customers as this way you will find a company that will work with you and not just for you.

Web Design Galway and throughout Ireland – Contact Digital Sales Ireland

If you have finally settled on hiring a company that will build, you are a professional site that will do wonders for your business then contact Digital Sales today. We can discuss your business goals and needs and come up with an actionable plan to take your business and site to the next stage. Get in touch at,, or see our contact us page for office hours and locations.

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