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Web Design Galway – Web Design Mistakes you MUST avoid in 2018

Web Design Galway – Web Design Mistakes you MUST avoid in 2018

Web Design Galway – If you are an entrepreneur and your business is not yet on the internet, then you are practically living in the past.  Having an online presence is extremely important to businesses as it expands their reach, increases their brand awareness as well as return on investment. Several business owners have realised this, and are now putting up websites for their business. However, they are making plenty of web design mistakes while doing that. Without much ado, whether you are into web designing as a career or you want to build your website by yourself, here are some web design mistakes you must avoid in 2018.

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Web Design Galway – Too Much of Animations

There is nothing wrong with having some animations on your website. They keep your website lively. However, having too much of animations is bad as it can put off website visitors. This is because some animations can take a while to load and people are mostly impatient when searching for information online. If your entire website is loaded with flash or java script, you may now guess why it is not converting as you expected.  Download speed and poor user experience equals a dissatisfied user.

Web Design Galway

Web Design Galway – Designing the website only for desktops

If your business’ website is built only to be visible on desktops, then you are missing a lot. The era of accessing websites through desktops only has long gone and these days, people are more convenient accessing websites using tablets, phones, and other handheld devices. While developing the website, ensure you go for responsive designs that allow websites to be seen on a wide range of devices.

Web Design Galway – A messy looking website

The first impression is usually the last impressions. For visitors to stick to your website, it is important you have a stunning and simple website. This implies you should avoid flash displays. You should also leave ample whitespace around your design elements to give the website a simple look. Simplicity is key! Do not forget to divide your content into several categories for easy

Web Design Galway – Using Too Many Pop-up Windows

It is common with desktop versions of websites to use popup windows to convey special offers, run adverts, and receive feedback from users. However, lots of web developers still utilize popup windows to complete different tasks while building a mobile site. It is important they understand that popup windows can directly and adversely affect mobile users of the website. Therefore, the developer or you must avoid creating extra popup windows in other to boost user’s engagement and experience.

Web Design Galway – Hiring the services any Web Design Company

The fact that you are eager to register your online presence should not be a reason to hire any Web Design Galway Company. Note that no two Web design companies in Galway are the same. Therefore, take your time to research, read reviews, check portfolio of businesses that the company has worked with before and then settle with any trustworthy web designer in Galway. Avoiding the mistakes above can make your website designing a worthwhile experience. For professional web design in Galway talk to the experts…

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