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Analytics Agency - Digital Sales - Relevant Traffic. Real Results.

Is your digital marketing strategy working? Do you have the correct measurements in place? Are you getting the most from your data? At Digital Sales we provide the insight that will impact on your bottom line. Our team of analytics experts will articulate what your prospects are doing on your website, why it's happening and how we will fix the issues that will transfer into 'conversions'.

Are you sure you're measuring the right data?

The Digital Sales Approach to Analytics

With sound and dissected data analyses we provide real insight that shapes and defines digital strategies. We know that having a plan to track online performance is crucial for businesses who want to grow online and be profitable through the fast-changing online marketplace. Our analytics methodology is based on hard data, user behaviour, careful testing of content and design improvements.

Digital Sales Approach to Analytics
Digital Sales Approach to Analytics

Through our proven analytics process and methodology, we will be able to answer questions such as: What are the best and worst times of day for online sales? Which traffic sources are driving phone enquiries? Where and why are visitors dropping off? What value do social media visits bring? Where is my marketing spend being wasted?

In collaboration with other departments and digital experts within Digital Sales (UX, Development, PPC, SEO, etc), we will work with your technology infrastructure that delivers real insight that will shape and helps form your strategic digital marketing strategy. In simple terms, we will eliminate any waste and improve your digital sales and conversions.

OUR ANALYTICS AGENCY SERVICES - What can we do for you?

At Digital Sales, we offer the following services in relation to 'analytics'; Strategy guidance and planning, Setup, implementation and support, Regular reporting, insights and recommendations, Conversion rate optimisation, Enhanced E-Commerce Analytics implementation, Account optimisation and personalisation, Custom event tracking, Account audits and Support and training. We engage three strategic analytic stages:

Audits & Assessments

  • Google Analytics audit
  • Google Tag Manager audit
  • Digital Maturity assessment

Tracking & Implementation

  • Implement, manage, and maintain tracking infrastructure
  • Develop and monitor metrics and KPIs
  • Performance benchmarking, targeting, and forecasting
  • Creation of Dashboards and Metrics


  • Monthly, Seasonal, or Campaign period report delivery
  • Dashboards created to inform Key Stakeholders
  • Strategic analysis of data from email, websites, and paid media campaigns
  • Develop advanced customer behavior segments
  • Forecast revenue for future initiatives and predict ROI

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Are you sure you're measuring the right data?