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Limited by budget - Keyword Level Ad Group

Google Ads Agency – Digital Sales – How we Audit a PPC Ads Campaign

We regularly get calls after a prospect has completed an online search for, Google Ads Agency, and the reason for the search is two fold.  The company

SEO and Backlink Proposal

A Potential Magazine Advertising Sales Proposal

We recently received a call from a well respected Business magazine in Ireland and their proposition was a tradition branding advert within their printed magazine, digital magazine

Answers to Website Grant Application

Answers to the Online Trading Voucher – Website Grant Answers – Answer that get grant approval

At Digital Sales we get asked by our clients and perspective clients to help with the Online Trading Voucher application.  For a variety of reasons, such as:

Digital Sales - Organic Client SEO Results - January 2020

SEO Results for Digital Sales Clients – update June 2020…

A very Happy New Year to all our clients at Digital Sales and to celebrate we have just released some latest Google Ranking results for a number

SEO Company - Digital Sales SEO Results

Why are Digital Sales really an SEO Company…Client Results and some great SEO tips…

From time to time we come up against competition!  Yes, competition that claims to be the best SEO Company in Ireland, and some are very good.  But

SEO Company - Digital Sales SEO Results
Answers to Website Grant Application

Funding for Website Development – Spend 2780 and get 2500 back…

The Covid 19 Pandemic has been a devastating tragedy for many people throughout the world.  And also in Ireland the economy has come to a shuttering standstill. 

Answers to Website Grant Application
User Flow Diagram - SEPA XML GENERATOR

SEPA XML GENERATOR – An Interactive Design Project

SEPA XML GENERATOR – Project Background The subject software application under review is referred to as a SEPA XML GENERATOR (  The Application allows business owners to

User Flow Diagram - SEPA XML GENERATOR
Covid-19 Impact on Digital Marketing

The COVID-19 Impact on Search & Digital Marketing

These days, the entire world is scared of the COVID-19 outbreak. More than 150 countries are infected with the Coronavirus/ COVID-19, and it is spreading enormously with

Covid-19 Impact on Digital Marketing
Web Development Company in Dublin

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Web Development Company

The digital population is growing exponentially. The latest figures suggest that as of April 2020, there are about 4.5 billion active users on the internet, and this

Intranet WordPress

Tuath Housing Launch an Intranet for their Resident Groups

Tuath Housing commissioned the software development and UX team at Digital Sales to develop an Intranet for their Resident Groups.  Which is now live…. The Intranet is

Facebook Ad Agency

How we approach Facebook Advertising at Digital Sales a Result Driven Facebook Ad Agency

At Digital Sales we are a Facebook Ad Agency which will initially analyses your current company Facebook page from an optimisation perspective.  If your business does not

Best Selling Products - Social Proof

Forms and examples of Social Proof with Digital Sales Website Design

Social Proof should be embedded into the design of your website in order to influence users when they are on your website.  It is no longer good

Website User Experience

7 UX (User Experience) Website Checks

As a website owner you have maybe seven seconds to make an impression and in order to make the most of these seven seconds you must have

Website User Experience
Website User Experience

Website Design For Local Search Results: Get Found Easily & Quickly

We all rely on Google’s powerful search engine to help us in life. From finding out the name of that TV character or actress from our childhood

Website User Experience
SEPA xml Generator Logo

SEPA XML GENERATOR from the Software Development team at Digital Sales

At Digital Sales we build custom software for all types of companies, such as a complete CMS for Greenfeet Lawncare, a custom built Recruitment Software and CMS

SEPA xml Generator Logo
Web Design Naas

Catering 365 new website design for Naas based Catering Company

Naas based Catering company, Catering 365 (, have just relaunched their new website, with the help of the Website Design Team at Digital Sales, and here is

Web Design Naas