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Career Guidance, Graduate Recruitment & Graduate Courses Website


Results to Date: Shortlisted for Spider Web Design Award, 95% Homepage Download Speed on Desktop and 89% Mobile. Incredible SEO Organic performance, June 2020 for search string: Career Guidance 5 Career Guidance Sligo 1 Career Guidance Cork 1 Career Guidance Limerick 2 Career Guidance Ireland 2 Career Guidance Meath 1 Career Guidance Galway 2 Career Guidance for Adults 3 Career Guidance Dublin 5 Guidance Counsellor Cork 2 Career Guidance Kerry 1

Sector: Education and Online

Company Description: - The only website in Ireland where you can make an appointment to see a qualified and impartial career guidance practitioner. Offering students a full My Career functionality, Graduate Recruitment and a catalog of Graduate Courses.

Objectives: Complete Graduate Recruitment Software development - My Career end user functionality, guidance practitioner client management system and Thomas International API integration. UX, Software Development and HTML5 Upgrade.

Geographical Target Location: Ireland

Digital Sales & Marketing Services We Provided & Ongoing: Website Design, Keyword Analyse, CMS Design and Development, User Experience, Call to Action Integration, Content Strategy, Social Media for Sales, Persona Definition, Digital Consultancy, Blog Design, Search Engine Consultancy, Pay Per Click Management, Email Marketing Integration, Measurement and Analytics

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