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Business Card Design and Examples of Business Card from Digital Sales

Business Card Design and Examples of Business Card from Digital Sales

While at Digital Sales we work in some of the most modern aspects of marketing and sales, traditional business strategies and plans are still important. That is why we feel a great Business Card Design is still important and relevant and it can help you and your business/brand stand out. Just as a Facebook page, Instagram account and website can help you stand out in a crowded market, traditional networking, and marketing strategies such as business cards and flyers are still very relevant. Let us have a look at just a few reasons why business cards are still important and why you should use them:

But first, if you are interested in our services at Digital Sales, check out this quick video:

First impression and functionality

Business cards are highly personalised forms of marketing and they do exactly as require. They provide your contact details, your brand/business name and promote what you do. These are perfect for networking events, chance meetings on the street or simply to pass out to acquaintances. You never know what business opportunities may arise from chance encounters.


Great quality business cards designs are highly cost-effective and can convey professionalism in a very simple way. Digital sales designs can incorporate brand colours, messaging, and text and at an affordable price. Many other traditional and more modern forms of marketing can be quite expensive. Plus, business cards last as long as you hold on to them.

Lead generation and brand awareness

If you are on a tight budget or prefer traditional approached beautiful designed business cards can create strong brand awareness and lead generation. People like personal touches. We are bombarded with online marketing strategies daily, so a more personal approach such as a business card is one great way to interact with clients and potential business partners.

Well-crafted designs

A well-crafted business card, just like a website or ad campaign will be passed among peers and potential clients. Gimmicks, CTA’s and any number of incentives and ideas can be employed. At Digital sales we have come up with some well-crafted and more traditional looking business cards which you can check out below. Talk to our team about quality business card designs and how we can help you.

Business Card Design should contain

There are a few important things that every business card should contain. At Digital Sales we work with you to make the most of your business card designs and present a beautifully crafted card.

What your business card needs

  • Logo- This is the visual representation of what your business does and who you represent.
  • Company name- This should be prominent and incorporate your business colours.
  • Tagline- The tag line of your business, showcasing what you do and represent.
  • Your name
  • Job title- Your position within the company
  • Website- This shows professionalism and a point of contact.
  • Contact details- This should be your business contact details such as your office number and LinkedIn account.

Business Card Design – What is wrong with the Business Cards in American Psycho…

See below the very famous American Psycho Business Card scene, do you notice how things have changed from a Business Card Design in the 80’s and now….the differences are vast and what mistakes have did they made??  Possible answers below…

  • No use of the back of the Business Card
  • Disjointed Branding – Layout, Font, Formatting
  • No Colour
  • No Logo

And did you notice: Telex…Fax…No Mobile Number, QR Code…How things have changed!!!

Your business card design and Digital Sales

As your business card represents you and as we work together Digital Sales create designs that highlight the qualities of your business. Colour schemes, the location of the text, the use of spacing and word formats are all important aspects of a business card design. If you want to make a lasting impression its important to go with a company that is happy to make edits, redesigns and incorporate all the important aspect of your business. Marketing is a strategy and it is something we do best at Digital Sales.

Business Card Design – Check out Some of our Work

At Digital Sales we do not focus solely on business card design but also Creative Development and DesignWebsite DesignSEO and almost every aspect of digital marketing and sales. Contact our team to find out how we can help your business grow further and increase your brand.

Check out Some of our Business Card Design Work

Business Card Design @ Digital Sales – Creative Development and Design, Website Design, SEO or any related digital marketing activity…Contact Digital Sales

If you are a company that wants to build a world-class website, needs help with your organic search position, your PPC Campaigns, Digital Strategy or generating online sales contact the Digital Sales team at, see our contact us page for our office locations.

Diarmuid Haughian – Business Development Director – Digital Sales

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