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Digital Sales & Marketing Facts from Digital Sales

Interesting Digital Sales Statistics from Ireland

Digital Sales & Marketing Facts from Digital Sales Facebook Engagement Average engagement rates for Facebook Posts in Ireland is 3.94%, however when your post includes a video

Social Proof

Social Proofing on a Website – in what forms?

‘Social proof is also one of Robert Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion which maintains that people are especially likely to perform certain actions if they can relate

Getting Past Gatekeeper

Getting Past the Gatekeeper – Gatekeepers – Your Advantage?

Getting Past the Gatekeeper – Underestimate ‘gatekeepers’ at your peril! Getting Past the Gatekeeper – Every sales professional must treat the gatekeeper like any other professional. Many

Sales Performance

Sales Performance & Metrics

Sales Performance – E. M. Gray (Covey, 1992) when studying a common denominator of successful people found that ‘the successful person has the habit of doing the

Sales Performance

Sales Metrics – Why Measure?

Sales Metrics – It’s quite simple, if you measure activity against sales objectives, a company can diagnose issues with the sales message and the sales process. By

Sales Performance
Sales Tips

5 Sales Tips for the B2B Sales Professional

Look for Trigger Events – Trigger Events in the context of selling appears to originated from Jill Konrath.  A trigger event can come in many forms, such

Sales Tips
Lead Generation

Lead Generation – The Buying Process

For this lead generation blog post I’m going to assume you have defined your value proposition, composed a sales script, voicemail message, 10 slide presentation designed and

Lead Generation
Sales Tips

The Qualified Sales Consultant – What you should be doing – pre meeting

The Sales Consultant – Schultz and Doerr (2014) argue that the ‘solution sales is not, in fact, dead.  It is still necessary, but no longer sufficient on

Sales Tips
Sales Tips

Cold Calling – Breaking The 30 Second Barrier

Cold Calling – Never Cold Call. Cold Calling – Yes, you heard it, ‘never cold call’, in my earlier days my personal metric was to make 100

Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Lead Generation – How to make it happen….some techniques from Digital Sales

Digital Lead Generation – Using Digital Marketing Activity to Generate Leads – B2B Selling has changed dramatically over the past ten years and one facilitating reason is the