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How to work effectively with a Digital Marketing Agency in Galway

How to work effectively with a Digital Marketing Agency in Galway

Digital Marketing Agency Galway – It is the desire of every business owner to grow their brand, use the power of social media, get the full potential from their marketing strategies, increase their revenue as well as to convert visitors into customers. If you do not know how to go about it, it pays to hire a professional digital marketing agency.

What you need is an agency which knows your audience, will work with you to achieve your marketing and sales goals, and continue to expand your customer base and visibility. Galway continues to flourish as a centre of retail, IT innovation and tourism and Digital sales is here to help you be part of that market.

Considering there are plenty of digital marketing agencies in Galway finding a reliable one that offers quality services at the best rates can be an overwhelming task. Choosing the right agency for your business can help it sink or swim. When searching for the right Digital marketing agency in Galway, there are several things to consider, we have put together a list of  characteristics to look out for in any digital marketing agency.

But first, if you are interested in our services at Digital Sales, check out this quick video:

A Digital Marketing Agency in Galway should be versatile

Technology, software, and marketing strategies processes change rapidly. To get the most out of your digital agency, you need to have an open mind to new techniques and technologies. Note that a little freedom to check out new things can go a long way in boosting your business. You and the agency you choose must be comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new approaches and methodologies.

There may be certain avenues you have not considered before such as advertising, a website overhaul, social media campaigns and more. A great digital marketing agency will provide you with all the information on what channels work best for your business or which can help promote it even more. Small things such as including contact details or CTA throughout your website or running short-lived ad campaigns can do wonders for a business.

Digital sales have expert sales and marketing professionals who can help your business with its goals.

Transparency is Key

A great digital marketing agency will be transparent and show you the result and failures of your marketing campaigns. Not everything will work, but a company that is not transparent is doomed to fail.

It is much safer to share your business model and goals with a professional agency that has your best interests at heart. Transparency works both ways and, in this way, you can get the best results from your partnership with whichever digital marketing agency you choose.

There may be an aspect of digital marketing campaigns that you are unsure of, a professional company will walk you through the steps of every campaign. At Digital sales some of the services we provide including mock-up web designs of how a finished site should look for our clients. This shows the level of openness between Digital sales and our clients. We want as much input from you as possible.

Your Digital marketing agency should audit and be secure

A competent digital marketing agency will start your digital marketing campaign by conducting a performance audit. This may include looking at past campaigns, your USP, what the competition is doing, your objective and sales goals and much more. Your business location in Galway, the products and services you offer and your performance to date are all key factors in establishing your marketing strategy.

 At every instance, your Galway digital marketing company should align their strategy with your gaols, so they are the same. In some instances, you may have to provide sensitive information, with the right company, this will be used to your advantage and the benefit of your business. Never trust sensitive information with an unreliable source.

Be wary of marketing agencies who do not look in-depth at you or your competition. One size fits all approaches, do not work in competitive business settings.

Do they offer a guarantee on their works?

You need to know if your choice of agency can boast of their work. Will they be available should something go wrong? With that, you will be able to hold them to their promises. A reliable digital marketing agency will not be afraid to get you a guarantee for their services. This shows they take their work seriously.

Check out their testimonials and ask for links to sites they have worked on. In this way, you can see the quality work that they have put out.  Marketing campaign examples and case studies are also great ways to get an idea of what this digital marketing agency can do for you.

A company which is not forthcoming with such information usually provides shoddy work and we recommend that you stay clear. If you would like to check out some of the work form Digital sales just shoot us a message and we will be happy to oblige.

Be affective communicators:

Quick communication is essential between you and your choice of agency. Any delay in communication could impact your digital marketing plan. Therefore, as you proceed with your agency, it is important to create an effectual communication process for working together.  Will you have a dedicated account manager?

This way you can contact your agency in the event of emergencies, errors you have noticed or things that you would like changed. There is nothing worse than bad communication when it is affecting your business.

Do they know your audience?

Having a company that provides great web design and marketing strategies means nothing if they do not know your audience. Sure, you can provide them with the information to suit your ideal customer, but what works in one area might not work in another. How you target a group in Dublin, may be much different than how you target a group in Galway, check out the agency’s knowledge of your area and demographics.

Digital sales have experts from around Ireland as part of their team and we pride ourselves on being able to target any market we are placed in.

Your digital marketing campaigns can only find huge success when you opt for the best digital marketing agency. For a quality digital marketing agency in Galway, contact Digital Sales.

Digital Marketing Agency Galway – Digital Sales

If you are a company that wants to build a website to attract visitors and make sales or if you need help with your digital marketing, SEO or any other online services in Galway then contact the Digital Sales team via email at or check out our contact us page for office hours and locations.

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