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Does Hosting Effect SEO – Location & Download Speed

Does Hosting Effect SEO – Location & Download Speed

Does Hosting Effect SEO – It was said that local web hosting effects the performance of your website and the organic SEO position of your website.  It makes sense really, if you are in Belgrade and you undertake a search, the search engines will factor how quickly a website will download (remember the search engines want to provide you with the information they think you are looking for and want their users to have a good experience, and good download speeds equals a happier customer).  In effect, if you are in Serbia, a website is hosted in Serbia, it has a better chance of performing organically on search engines.  Now, there are exceptions when it comes to the type of search string the user undertakes, it depends on the context of the search, where are your customers, the brand, your business model and services provided.

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Does Hosting Effect SEO – Do Digital Sales Ireland provide World Class Local Website Hosting – YES.

So, server location is still very important, but not nearly as important as ‘download speed’, as mentioned above.  Website Download Speed has superseded Server Location but both are strong factors that influence your SEO position…..both effect… performance and user experience.  What other factors must you consider when selecting your Website Hosting and What other issues must you consider?

Does Hosting Effect SEO
Does Hosting Effect SEO

Does Hosting Effect SEO – Other Hosting Issues to Consider and Address

Future Plans – What do you plan on building your website on?  WordPress, Magento, bespoke, what language, are databases involved…..

Traffic – What are your expected website traffic figures?  What are your growth figures?  Consider bandwidth and scalability.

Files – Are you hosting an e-commerce site, embedding video or uploading video files direct or uploading rich content?  What is the RAM and Processing power required for your website?  How much storage will you need?

Security – is there yearly Malware Support?  Locking down an infection and a malware removal service?  And without question, your site must be HTTPS.

Server Firewall – Website Application Firewall (WAF) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) both facilitate security, speed optimization with caching and CDN.  Are they available?

Spam – What are the spam filter options?

Website Backup Options – Will your website be backup and if so how often and where is the backup stored?

Support – Is it 24/7, phone support, email support, ‘live chat’?  How critical is Support and Uptime?

Be warned, if you are offered and accept cheap hosting, expect problems and disappointing results……

Does Hosting Effect SEO – Buy Local, Secure and Fast Website Hosting Digital Sales

We partner and work with only the best hosting providers across the globe, from Dublin, London, Frankfurt, New York, Chicago, LA and Johannesburg.  We will cut through the jargon, understand your business, your customers and recommend the best hosting solution that matches your website objectives, your technical requirements and in line with your budget.

See our contact details here and we will complete an analysis of your current hosting and website performance.  Suggest the right hosting solution and how to get your website loading time down to 0.4 of a second, improve user experience and your organic SEO position.

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