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What is Google Analytics (GA) from Digital Sales the Google Analytics Agency

What is Google Analytics (GA) from Digital Sales the Google Analytics Agency

Google Analytics is the primary foundation of any marketing and sales strategy. As a free tool by Google, it is the go-to tool for new businesses and Google analytics agencies. Of course, there are paid tools which offer far more insight into consumer behaviour, but google analytics gives you the backbone of insights into all you and your agencies efforts online. Having access to customer data is paramount in this digital age but understanding what you are looking at can sometimes be quite difficult. That is why it’s important to have a Google analytics agency on your side such as Digital Sales. Digital Sales can set up your account, link your website and begin tracking your data rapidly. There are a lot of good reasons to go with an agency. If you do not have GA set up already then you will not be able to see what is working for your business and what efforts, you can cut out. Let us have a look at a few things GA can do for you and how it can help make an informed decision on the next step of your business digital plans.

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The benefits of using Google Analytics (GA):

  • It Free. As the go to search engine online, Google providing a free analytics service offers a goldmine of information about your customers and website.
  • Google offers a ton of add-ons some which are free and others that are not.
  • Rapid integration. You can begin tracking your efforts within a few hours of setting up your account.
  • GA is easy to integrate with any other tools you may have on your site and the chances of it interfering are relatively low.
  • You can track many different aspects on your site including campaigns, demographics, customer journey onsite and more.
  • Reports can be exported to different formats including Excel, or they can be customised by your Google analytics agency if there are certain aspects you would like to look at.

What GA can do for your business:

Having tool integration, detailed reports and being a free tool are all great, but if you do not understand what these can do for your business then they a little pointless. Let us check out a few ways that GA can help your business.

  • Understanding your impressions-GA lets you see how many people visited you site and how they left. By understanding what pages have the highest bounce rates you can adjust your content and have a better understating of what keeps visitors on your site. Perhaps you have too many pop-ups, no engaging content or even something as simple as a typo.
  • Visitor Location- You can learn where your visitors are coming from. By knowing the location of your customer, you can make campaigns or create content that entices more visitors. Perhaps you can target a new market you had not considered door refine strategies.
  • Check out where you rank- If you are trying to beat the competition, knowing where you are in search results is one great place to start. SEO when done right can put you on page one of search results increasingly your vision and customer numbers greatly. If you are going to go the route of SEO, ensure you have GA set up as some marketing companies will make unfounded claims of your results. Check out Digital Sales SEO page and find out how we can help you rank higher.

How Digital Sales can help you:

Digital Sales can assist you in setting up your GA account and begin tracking your efforts immediately. This includes getting your tracking code, verifying your account, and setting you up on AdWords if it is something you have considered.

  • We can target specific pages or your entire site.
  • We can export data depending on your preferences and make recommendations regarding campaigns and sales strategies.
  • Our marketing and sales teams are always on hand to assist you in studying and understating your GA data.
  • Our team can help you with SEO issues and create the content you need, and which drives visitors to your site.
  • By understating GA, we can target specifics camps including advertising, email sign-ups a reduction in bounce rate and more.
  • Digital Sales take care of the technical aspects of GA, so you do not have to.

There are other tools out there which can look at the analytics of your site in numerous different ways but for small and medium-sized businesses and websites GA is all you need and again it is free. Having a google analytics agency on your side will help your efforts hugely. Once you get the grasp of understating perhaps you will move on to something more detailed and when you do Digital Sales will be there to help.

Digital Sales the Google Analytics Agency – Need Help?  

Need Help….we provide digital consultancy services that facilitate companies to sell online and we also build websites…, and we have a dedicated Analytics Department, remember we readily customise solutions based on your digital marketing goals and budgets, see our contact details here.  Login to Google Analytics here.

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