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A SSL Certificate for your site – Why they are important

A SSL Certificate for your site – Why they are important

SSL Certificate – A recent study by SEMrush which analysed 12 ranking factors found that website security (HTTPS) came in 7th and was ranked as a ‘heavy’ SEO ranking figure. So, you must make your website secure and https, if you don’t your organic ranking will be effected and competitors who apply SSL Certificates to their website may in time overtake your organic position.

SSL Certificate
SSL Certificates – SEMrush Ranking Factors Study 2017
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SSL Certificate – The Benefits

You can see a full list of tips and advantages of going https by clicking here, however, we have listed the advantages in bullet point format below:

  • Organic SEO Advantage
  • Customer trust is increased which will help your digital sales
  • Information entered on the site is encrypted and cannot be intercepted by third parties
  • Identity is verified and the chances of a man-in-the-middle attack are reduced
  • No pop up within the browser will appear telling the user your website is not secure!

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Buy your SSL Certificate at Digital Sales and we will install it on your website and save you all the hassle and technical stuff! Contact the SSL Certificate experts, see this link.

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