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What Website Grants are available in Ireland

What Website Grants are available in Ireland

Website Grants – There is no doubt that Ireland is very obliging when it comes to big corporate business.  To that extent, they try and do their bit for the small business owner trying to complete with the large online retailers like Amazon, Nike, etc.

The government are also trying to make small businesses not only more competitive but also allow small businesses to take payments on their websites and compete internationally.  They are trying to encourage growth, jobs and revenue for the State.

So, what website grants are available for small business owners in Ireland.  But first have a look at some of the Digital Sales client who have been awarded Website Grants.

But first, if you are interested in our services at Digital Sales, check out this quick video:

Website Grant Clients at Digital Sales

Here are a list of Digital Sales clients all over Ireland who we have helped get website grants, such as:

Website Grants Available in Ireland

There are two primary website grants available in Ireland: The Local Enterprise Office – Online Trading Voucher and The Social Welfare TAT Grant.

Website Grant – Enterprise Ireland

However, there is a website grant from Enterprise Ireland of up to and around 10K and in order to qualify for this website grant your business must be ‘High Potential Start-Up (HPSUs)’ approved.  And in order to be HPSU approved you must be ‘internationally focused and has the potential to employ at least 10 persons within 3 years of starting and to generate revenues of at least €1million.’  So, this website grant won’t apply to most.  However, there are a few other website grant options…

Website Grant – The Social Welfare TAT

This grant is available to entrepreneurs who have been on the social welfare and have agreed to start their own business while claiming unemployment assistance at the same time (100% for the first 12 months and 75% in year 2).  The highest website grant amount you can receive is 500 euro, but you must pay 100 euro from your own pocket and provide proof of payment.  A nice website grant which will get your new business on online.  Your website might not be very impressive, but enough to get something going or assigning 500 towards a larger budget, which is what we recommend at Digital Sales.

Website Grant – Online Trading Voucher

This is a great website grant and you can reclaim up to 2500 euro against an investment of 5000 euro, so your website will cost 2500 euro.  And you can read what is involved if you click on the links below, so let’s not repeat ourselves!!

Website Grant Online Trading Voucher – Why and How – Read More

Trading Online Voucher Scheme – How Best to Apply and How to Answer – Read More

Website Grant – Do you need help with your application?

We have a 100% record with our clients when applying for website grants.  We even have dummy applications forms that will help speed up the application process.  So, feel free to contact the Digital Sales team for any advice send us a mail at:, see our contact us page for our office locations.  And maybe check out our Portfolio and Case Study pages.

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