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AdWords Agency Management – Digital Sales

AdWords Agency Management – Digital Sales

AdWords Agency – AdWords Management can be somewhat daunting and very expensive if setup incorrectly.  Applying proven and effective AdWords knowledge and techniques can transform your campaign from ‘OK’ to a cost effective and continuous lead generation platform.

But first, if you are interested in our services at Digital Sales, check out this quick video:

An efficient AdWords Management campaign must consider issues such as:

  • bidding across device, location and time
  • making creatives stand out
  • keyword mining and tools
  • Quality Score, AdRank and Relevance
  • Sitelinks (deepdive) and more…

For example, at we have implemented the below techniques in order to make AdWord Creatives stand out:

  • Sitelinks deepdive – 2-line sitelinks raise CTR +20% and 3-line sitelinks raise CTR +30%
  • Location Extensions – CTR increase of +10%
  • Call Extensions
  • Linking AdWords to your Google Places and AdWords account

We will also mine for keywords using Keyword Planner, Opportunity Centre & the Search Query Report.

AdWords Agency – A quick Understanding of AdWords – Dgital Sales

As you are probably aware AdWords advertisers only pay if a user clicks on the advertisement, which is known as a click through and the CTR is the ratio of clicks to impressions.  The maximum bid is not necessarily the price an advertiser will pay, an advertiser will only pay one cent more than the next highest bidder, however the bid is just one factor which determines ad placement.  The other factors are:

  • Quality Score
  • AdRank
  • Ad Relevance to the user
  • Landing Page Quality
  • Good Navigation
  • Fast Load time
  • No Pop-Up’s, etc

*Please note, it is possible for the higher ranked ad to have a lower cost per click than its competitors. If your ad is more relevant, you can still compete against someone with more money. In essence, increasing your Quality Score can decrease the actual cost of your clicks, so making more relevant adverts and improving landing pages, etc. reduces your costs.  And this is where our expertise can really make a difference to your bottom line……Not to mention selecting the right ‘keywords’ and then selecting the most appropriate ‘Keyword Match Types’ for your campaign….

At Digital Sales we will employ techniques and address the factors above to position your AdWords advert above your competitors and making savings throughout the duration of our campaign.  We will also Use Auction Insights for competitive analysis, better understanding auctions, improving performance, and monitoring success.

AdWords Agency – Management & Strategy Digital Sales – Contact Us today

We will provide a dedicated AdWords Management Manager who will directly manage your ad campaigns and associated factors mentioned above such as landing pages, download speed, navigation ease, etc.

Whatever your budget or the growth stage that your business is at, we will tailor an AdWords Advertising Campaign which will deliver constant and affordable lead generation and sales locally, nationally or internationally.  See our contact details here.

Adwords Agency
Adwords Agency

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