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The Top 5 Ridiculously Useful SEO Tools

The Top 5 Ridiculously Useful SEO Tools

SEO is a bit like playing online roulette: there are several tactics you may employ, but none will guarantee success. That’s why there are tools out there to help, which you can employ to increase your chances for success.

The problem is, suddenly there is a pool of choice out there and it feels like every second tool is claiming to be the best.

That’s why we made a list of SEO tools that we are certain will make it simpler and easier to ensure that your website is optimized for performance, as well as manage and monitor your search engine rankings. We’ll give you a highlight of the top 5 tools according to our research and experience, as well as a blurb on each one, highlighting the best functions. Without further ado, here they are:


Taking its name from a popular HTML coding (which opens a link in a new tab) this tool is a must-use for any SEO executive or marketing specialist. Since its original release in 2011, Ahrefs has swiftly become one of the must-have tools in the business, and it is used to expand the online presence of websites all over the world.

Need to come up with specific titles and a brief for any content writers? Want to have a look at some backlinks and explore what the competition has to offer? Easily done with Ahrefs. Need to come up with a new article ASAP? Type in your main keyword and you will be able to generate the main headings in your upcoming article. With the site explorer option, and the ability to see organic keywords, it will be one of the most useful multitasking tools you have. This tool is a little advanced, so the next option we recommend is excellent for beginners.

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console suite is perfect if you’re just dipping your foot into the world of SEO. It is also worth mentioning that the tool is free, so you won’t have to budget a sum of money for it every month.

The suite of tools provides valuable information about your site at a glance: it can assess your site’s performance and identify potential problems to troubleshoot (such as negative spammy links), it can assist you in ensuring your site is Google-friendly, and it can monitor Google’s indexing of your site.

It’s kind of like getting an evaluation straight from your headmaster. Funnily enough, they have a tool with a similar name called Webmaster Guidelines. You can check it on a regular basis, to ensure you are doing everything right.  If your site has been penalised, you also can report spam and demand reconsideration. Search Console is continually being updated, and new capabilities, such as the new URL inspection tool and the new sitemaps report, are on the way.


If you want to get ahead of the competition, you need to get Majestic. Use it to check competitor sites and view their backlinks. Simply type a domain name and you can view all the related backlinks. Majestic can also generate keywords for you based on the main keyword you would like to include.

Finally, you can dig deep when it comes to domains – you can submit two domains and discover if they are both using the same IP. How is that useful information? Well, you don’t want to have two links leading to the same IP, do you? Of course, this is just one theory that SEO experts have been discussing, but nonetheless, it’s a useful function to have.

Screaming Frog

There is some confusion around the name, but the actual name of the tool is SEO Spider. It was made by Screaming Frog, and plenty of SEO experts refer to it by this name. SEO Spider is used by some of the biggest brands out there, including Shazam, Dell and Disney.

Screaming Frog provides insights quicker than other SEO tools available online. This tool also alerts you to duplicate material, problems that need to be fixed, improper redirections, and places for link building development. Plenty of SEO specialists rated their SEO Spider tool as the finest feature.


Semrush has plenty of useful functions. Aside from digging deep into domains and being able to compare how your website is doing versus competitors, you can also get access to individual report comparisons, so you can evaluate terms and domains, and gain a better understanding of your traffic and search data.

We recommend it for SEO beginners and veterans alike. The Semrush SEO Checker tool is perfect for newbies that want to quickly analyse their rankings. You can also get access to tips and tricks on how to enhance your performance.

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