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Image Alt Tag Checker Tool at Digital Sales

Image Alt Tag Checker Tool at Digital Sales

Image Alt Tag Checker Tool – Click here to to go straight to our Image Alt Tag Checker Tool or read below for the reasons why it is important.

But first, if you are interested in our services at Digital Sales, check out this quick video:

Etymology ‘is the study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and meaning have changed over time’.  It’s clear, today’s meaning of a word can be very different from the word used a century ago.  And the same can be said for ‘Alt Tags’ over the past few decades, or should I say, ‘Alt Attribute’ or ‘Alternative Text’!!

The word composition and deviation can be influenced by many factors.  So, here comes a little history lesson, on ‘Alt Tag’.  But first if you would like to scan your entire website for images without ‘Alt Tags’, or pages that don’t have the right ‘Alt Tag’, check out our Image Alt Tag Checker Tool, here:

Image Alt Tag Checker Tool
Image Alt Tag Checker Tool

Image Alt Tag Checker Tool – Hijacked by Search Engines

In simple terms you can provide an image with a Caption which anybody can read, however those who have difficulty reading or have eye light issues can apply ‘screen reader’ software, which reads the ‘Alternative Text’ coded behind the image to that person.  So, historically Alt Tags, were more descriptive in order to aid the screen readers and their audience.  However, many web designers just didn’t bother including an image Alt Tag at all.  However, things changed when search engines starting ‘grading’ websites for best practice.  Suddenly Alt Tag were en vogue!

Image Alt Tag Checker Tool – All Images Must Have an Alt Tag

So now, any website or pages with images uploaded without an Alt Tag will get penalised and could see their organic position take a hit.  So, you must ensure all images have an Alt Tag and apply On Page SEO for each page.

Image Alt Tag Checker Tool – Irony!

Its has become ironic that web designers and SEO professionals, are now including Alt Tags however they are now less descriptive and thus they are now counter productive to those who are visually impaired.  Many Image Alt Tags are now, Assigned Page Keywords.  Etymology or Capitalism?  Thank you, Search Engine!!!

See our Image Alt Tag Checker Tool, a full website scan or a single page.

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