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Why are Digital Sales really an SEO Company…Client Results and some great SEO tips…

Why are Digital Sales really an SEO Company…Client Results and some great SEO tips…

From time to time we come up against competition!  Yes, competition that claims to be the best SEO Company in Ireland, and some are very good.  But most are all talk…

Recently a number of colleagues on the Digital Sales team including myself were partaken in some live chat with other SEO Companies.  We noticed a couple of SEO Companies…even indirectly pretend to be someone else while paying themselves a recommendation.  Brilliant!  So, beware!

The question that any business owner must ask is, how are the companies that claims to be a top class ‘SEO Company’ ranking organically within there own sector?  Ask the question, ask for keywords they have tried to rank for and ask where they are organically?  And then ask, if they can’t rank their own website and rely on off page marketing activity like networking, advertising, referrals, etc. to generate leads, why would they deliver for you and your company????

Now, some sectors are more competitive than others and the SEO, Website Design and Digital Marketing search strings are very competitive, I mean VERY COMPETITIVE.  You see, SEO Companies like Digital Sales are up against websites and competitors which have been in existence for decades and some will know a fair bit about what they SHOULD be doing from a marketing and SEO perspective.

Essentially, beating a website with that much Domain Authority (live since the 90’s or early 00’s) is easier said than done!  And you may be a start up company yourself, so, be realistic.  It takes time and an awful lot of effort and time. Trust me!

You have to beware of who you are up against, what they are doing and what is the best long term strategy in order to win.  So, I hear you ask…how are Digital Sales ranking?  First you have to ask how long has the domain name ( been live?

Well, Digital Sales started off as and moved to in December 2017 in order to better rank organically in Ireland for local SEO.  It was a long term strategy and revolved around International SEO motives.

We are in competition with companies that may have had websites since 2000 or even before that.  So, is about 30 months (less than three years) live on the Internet, are here are our SEO Search type results from June 2020, a brief snapshot:

SEO Company - Dublin - Ireland - Digital Sales

SEO Company - Digital Sales

Not bad for a website less than three years old.  Its important to view the competition column, this figure is the number of websites (pages to be more accurate) trying to rank for the same keyword search.  You can pick your battles strategically and then, the minor wins will equal more traffic and then when you go after  the more competitive keywords, you will have a better chance of winner against.  Because you have built up general traffic figures and more credibility within your sector.

Website traffic and website popularity are huge ranking factors.  HUGE.  But you have to start small and be patient – and give it some strategic thought.

This is why we have a Digital Resources page on our website – content which we tactically uploaded onto our website in order to drive traffic to the site and you can see some of the results:SEO and Content Marketing

Really, any marketing material you create, be that an online review, a photo or video of a recent completed job, a new logo design, get it on your website – you have to keep adding content to your old blogs – what am I doing right now, on this blog post??!! Adding June 2020 content to this blog post.  And look were we rank for Logo type searches, one for: Logo Design Dublin and position two for: Logo Design – we knew our competitors were not updating their websites as much as Digital Sales and it was only a matter of time.  But don’t forget to update your social media accounts and especially GMB.

Content Marketing

So, you must create and upload content, have a look at our Resources pages and you will see some great applications which are driving traffic to – OK, they may not become sales leads, but, its great traffic and also adds credibility, eventually adding value to all the SEO work throughout the entire website, see:

Content Marketing - Digital Sales

The point is, all this great content will add up to more traffic, engagement and better SEO results…So what content have you been adding to your website?

If you want to see how Digital Sales are performing as an SEO Company – see this link for some of our organic search results as of June 2020.

SEO and User Experience

Fundamentally, SEO is about User Experience (UX) – if your User Experience is poor you will struggle to organically rank your website.  If you have great content but the UX is poor, you won’t organically rank. As an SEO Company and a Web Design company, we figured it was easier to organically rank for SEO type searches as opposed to Web Design type searches.  Web design has been around far longer than SEO.  However our logic was simple, if a prospect has poor SEO position, then their company website design is usually poor and will most likely need a complete redesign.  And a potential project for our Web Design and Development team.

Below we have detailed different SEO techniques that we employ for our SEO Digital Sales clients – we are a real SEO Company…the below includes the basic of SEO, SEO principles, types and techniques which any reputable SEO Company should be considering and positioning to their clients, such as:

But first, if you are interested in our services at Digital Sales, check out this quick video:

SEO Techniques:

  • On Page SEO (sometimes referred to as On Page Optimisation)
  • Off Page SEO (sometimes referred to as Off Page Optimisation)
  • Technical SEO
  • Analytical SEO

SEO Types:

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO

SEO Company – On Page SEO leading to Off Page SEO

When building and assessing any website or online business, you must get the basic ‘on page SEO’ correct, which we have documented here.  However, Off Page SEO can consist of activity such as:

  • Inbound Links – Measure your inbound links and their value – We will Undertake a Link Audit
  • Social Media Engagement is now considered a SEO signal – you must keep your social media accounts active and promote them
  • Online Reviews – Google Plus, Yelp, etc.
  • For local on page SEO – listing on local chamber of commerce, local business directories, local community group websites, etc
  • Article Submission
  • Blog & Forum Comments and Posting
  • Document Sharing, Image Sharing, Video Sharing
  • Guest Blogging

It must be remembered that there are over 200 SEO factors that search engines consider, which leads us to more technical SEO and best practice.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO relates to activity that does not relate to content.  Really it about your website code and how easy it is for search engines spiders to crawl and index your website, your website pages and website content.

Technical SEO may consist of practices such as:

  • Rich snippets, rich cards, knowledge panels and answer boxes
  • robots.txt
  • Consistent URL structure
  • Support secure browsing – HTTPS configuration
  • Sitemaps including .xml
  • Leaving ’breadcrumbs’
  • Adding a custom search engine
  • Defining canonical links
  • AMP configuration
  • canonicalize, 301 redirect and refer in Hreflang and XML sitemaps
  • etc.

Analytical SEO

It is vitally important to continuously analyse SEO progress, set and define measurement factors such as:

  • Organic Traffic
  • Traffic Quality
  • SEO Rankings
  • Conversions

Is your SEO investment paying off?  What other issues may be a factor?  Do you require external sales consultancy, both traditional and online?

Some of Our SEO Company and Client Work – here are some results from June 2020

Plaza Health - SEO Results - 2020 SIAB Panels - SEO Results Eco Plant Hire - SEO Organic Results June 2020 Rockcourt Medical SEO Organic Position June 2020 Boom and Platform Hire Ltd. SEO Results June 2020 Organic Search Results for June 2020

Looking for a SEO Company that delivers? Digital Sales – Contact Us today to Discuss our SEO Company Services and How we can help you achieve positive organic results, ultimately, Digital Sales!

Diarmuid Haughian – Business Development Director –

Post Grad Dip. User Experience (UX), Dip. International Selling, Cert. Digital Marketing, MSc. BITS

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