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How to work effectively with a Digital Marketing Agency in Galway

Digital Marketing Agency Galway – It is the desire of every business owner to grow their brand, use the power of social media, get the full potential

Pagerank Dead

PageRank is Dead……Why? Or is it really Dead??

PageRank is dead, so they say!!  Well, you may have landed on the Digital Sales PageRank Checker page, entered your domain name and got no result…..well, that’s

Responsive Web Design - Before

Responsive Web Design @ Digital Sales – The Healing House

Responsive Web Design – One of our clients, has just gone from a static coded website (not a CMS) to a responsive web design.  Which encouraged

SEO Services Ireland

International SEO @ Digital Sales

International SEO: The best approach to SEO is simple, copy the search engines, Google Do, You Do!!  Now, I’m focusing on Google within this piece, as they

SEO Agency Dublin

SEO Services @ Digital Sales – Technical SEO – Whats involved???

One of the SEO Services we provide at Digital Sales is Technical SEO, people may get a little ‘scared’ of the word ‘technical’.  And when it comes

SEO Agency Dublin
WordPress Developer

WordPress Developer – Digital Sales

You may ask why many web developer and digital teams use WordPress, well there are many reasons. The main one being it is the most used webs

WordPress Developer

HTTPS SEO – Some of our clients have just gone HTTPS and all for SEO Purposes…….Not Quite!

Https SEO – If you happen to be in the Internet sector, you’ll probable know what a ‘Secure website is’ and how you know that a website you

Google Analytics Agency

Keyword Analytics & Domain Registration – Digital Sales

Keyword Analytics – Depending on the company strategy and the stage of your company’s growth, will both impact on the domain name a company will or should

Google Analytics Agency
B2B Digital Marketing Agency

B2B Digital Marketing Agency – Digital Sales

B2B Digital Marketing Agency – Digital marketing remains an effective communication tool and the perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective approach to reaching potential customers. Except you

SEO Consultant Dublin

SEO Consultant Dublin – I get you to No. 1 in Google, Guaranteed!!!

SEO Consultant Dublin – OK, beware of any so called ‘SEO Consultant Dublin’, who boldly states, ‘I can get you No. 1 in Google!!!  Yes, how many

Digital Marketing Agency in Ireland | Digital Sales

Digital Marketing Agency: How can it help you grow your business?

Digital Marketing Agency helps the business growth in this competitive environment. As a business owner, the question that might be popping up in your mind is, ‘how

Search Engine Market Share

Search Engine Market Share – Don’t Ignore Other Search Engines…Here’s Why?

Search Engine Market Share – Some of the team (including oneself!!) were at a recent digital marketing information session for small business owners in Dublin City Centre. 

HTML5 Features

HTML5 Web Development – What is HTML5

HTML5 Web Development – What is HTML5…well, it’s the fifth and most current HTML standard, which makes it very relevant, relevant in terms of usability and SEO. 

HTML5 Features
SSL Certificate

A SSL Certificate for your site – Why they are important

SSL Certificate – A recent study by SEMrush which analysed 12 ranking factors found that website security (HTTPS) came in 7th and was ranked as a ‘heavy’

SSL Certificate
Malware Removal

Bespoke Website Design or WordPress – The Disadvantages of WordPress and Why at Digital Sales we Custom Build

Bespoke Website Design – WordPress or Custom-Built Websites??  At Digital Sales we get asked that question from prospective clients quite a bit…well, more like…..‘How can we manage

Malware Removal
Journey Phases - User Experience

Collect and Examine Information…User Experience – Human-Centred Design

Introduction – Collect and Examine Information…User Experience – Human-Centred Design This Blog Post follows on from the initial user analyses of the Bus Eireann School Transport website,

Journey Phases - User Experience