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The Key Reasons Why You Need SEO For Your Dublin Business

The Key Reasons Why You Need SEO For Your Dublin Business

SEO Company Dublin – Are you looking to help improve your business, specifically your SEO organic performance? Then you should look to hire Digital Sales Ireland; an SEO company Dublin, that businesses and entrepreneurs turn to on a regular basis to improve their organic listing against strategic keywords searches.  Keywords with actual competition and search volumes!

But first, if you are interested in our services at Digital Sales, check out this quick video:

For example, Greenfeet Lawn Care is a nationwide franchise company, this is a screenshot result on for ‘Lawn Care Dublin’, organic position one and position two (July 2019):

SEO Company Dublin
Keyword Search on – Lawn Care Dublin

And if you try, lawn care using one word: Lawncare Dublin – same result!  Organic Position one and two.

Now, lets try: Lawn Care Cork:

SEO Company Dublin
Keyword Search on – Lawn Care Cork

The above page is a Blog Post we composed in November 2017 and it is still organically ranks in position one.  What monitory value would you put on that…..Can we help your business?  Absolutely, if you are seeking a credible SEO Company in Dublin – Digital Sales is the company you can trust and rely on.  How do we help?

At Digital Sales we work hand in hand with clients to add that extra edge to their digital marketing activity and ultimately company ambitions.  Do you ant to be found and seen online, especially on organic listing??  Well, you have got to contact the proven SEO experts in Dublin and throughout Ireland, Digital Sales.

That means putting in a lot of work to find the right SEO company Dublin can provide you with……Why, though, should be you be looking to hire an SEO company in Dublin?  What are the benefits and long term advantages…

SEO Company Dublin: The Benefits of Hiring an SEO Specialist

  • For one, if you hire an SEO company Dublin, businesses can become far more visible. With so much natural competition and so many companies employing SEO companies in Dublin, addressing your organic search position is becoming more and more important. Remember, conversion rates for organic SEO position and leads are extremely high versus other marketing activity.
  • Not only can SEO activity help your business to rise rapidly up the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), but it ensures long-term, active, natural growth. Your business wants to always be built upon foundations that allows it to grow and to scale over time. Unlike other marketing activity that can be affected by outside influence, higher costs and lower lead conversion rates, SEO is much easier to maintain once a position is held.
  • With the right kind of SEO company Dublin businesses can see rapid, genuine growth as time goes on. An SEO company can step in and deliver a much more comprehensive, open website platform to grow with. No marketing campaign should leave you unable to build onto your online company brand and scale your business higher as your business grows. The aim of any marketing is to help you grow as a company, right? So it must be able to scale with that growth & improvement – the correct website infrastructure must be in place – hosting, SSL Cert, Download Speed, UX, etc.
  • Also, this should allow your business to become more useful to the user. When hiring an SEO company Dublin businesses expect to see their website move up the rankings, of course. This happens as your site becomes easier to read, navigate and control. The more enjoyable your site is to use, essentially, the more likely it is to rise up the rankings. By hiring an SEO company Dublin entrepreneurial minds will make sure that such growth is possible by essentially improving every aspect of your business.
  • This isn’t just keyword stuffing or writing content to fill up pages and falsify rankings. It’s about creating organic, engaging and exciting content that speaks to the reader and makes them more likely to use your service in the future. Have a look at the Digital Marketing resources page on Digital Sales – real, useful and engaging tools. For that reason, Dublin businesses should look to hire an SEO company to help them built a better future for their website by optimising and improving content across the board.

Overall, then, by choosing to hire an SEO company Dublin business owners can make such a big difference to their performance. You will be much more likely to see an upturn in visibility, reputation and overall business scope on the web, and ultimately leads. If this sounds like the kind of help that your business needs, you should look to hire a Dublin SEO company as soon as you can….Digital Sales.

The changes you need to make should be made as soon as possible, you can sure your competition are having similar thoughts!!

Some of our SEO Companies in Dublin Optimised by Digital Sales Ireland

SEO Company Dublin

‘SEO Company Dublin’ – Digital Sales how are we ranking?

You may have noticed, we are trying to rank this page on Digital Sales for: SEO Company Dublin and as of July 2019 we were at the bottom of page one.  So, we have employed a few alternative SEO tactics to try and climb from the bottom of page one for SEO Company Dublin on

1) We Changed the Featured Image

2) We more than doubled the word count on the page from 400 words to over 1000 words (2000 would be the desired number of words, eventually!)

3) We added more Siloing (Internal Linking) to the page

4) We added more repetition of the keyword: SEO Company Dublin

5) We made the article easier to read, more relevant and more informative for the end user

6) We added ‘SEO Company in Dublin’ to the page title

7) In order to speed up the indexing, we asked Google to index the page via Google Search Console

Lets check back in a couple of months and see what the organic results for, ‘SEO Company Dublin’ are, see if the changes above made an impact.

Well, well…it is now August the 5th of August and the website, was launched in March 2018, and so the website is almost 18 months old, and finally we are starting to see some organic results.  We are no longer at the bottom of the page for the search term ‘SEO company Dublin’ we are now, organic position 4…can we take a top three position…more to follow!!

SEO Company Dublin - Organic Position 4 - August 5th 2019 - 18 months after website launch
SEO Company Dublin – Organic Position 4 – August 5th 2019 – 18 months after website launch
BOOM!!!  Check out our results as of August 22nd 2019
Digital Sales Ireland – An SEO Company based in Dublin – Contact Us

If you are a company that wants to build or generate online sales and gain organic SEO position……do the necessary!!!  See our dedicated SEO Services page…contact the Digital Sales team direct send us a mail at:, see our contact us page for our office locations.

Diarmuid Haughian – Business Development Director – Digital Sales

Post Grad Dip. User Experience (UX), Dip. International Selling, Cert. Digital Marketing, MSc. BITS

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SEO and Digital Marketing Services at Digital Sales Ireland
SEO and Digital Marketing Services at Digital Sales Ireland

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