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Digital Sales – The Digital Branding Agency

Digital Sales – The Digital Branding Agency

Digital Branding Agency – Branding Impact – It’s said that “branding affects perceptions since it is well-known that in blind product testing consumers fail to distinguish between brands” (Jobber, 2010). So how can a company enhance their brand online? It’s has become clear that consumers on the Internet, are active co-producers of value, that want to contribute feedback and brands now need to facilitate rather than control content and brand online.

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Let’s take a look at the basic, what exactly is ‘brand’ and why is it so importance?

Brand & Branding Definitions

BRAND = the sum of the characteristics of a product or service perceived by a user

BRANDING = The process of creating and evolving successful brands.

Digital Brand and its importance to the Consumer

Establishing a strong online brand can significantly help your sales influence. When a consumer buys a brand they are effectively Avoiding Risk. When people view a brand, it can potentially act as a:

  • Signal of quality
  • Risk Reducer
  • Search Cost Reducer
  • Promise, bond or pact with maker of product
  • Identification of Sources of Product
  • Assignment of Responsibility of Product Maker
  • Symbolic

How can a website help create a digital brand online, some factors to consider:

  • Create a compelling, interactive experience including rich media which reflects the brand
  • Consider how the site will influence the sales cycle by encouraging trial, for example cars
  • Developing an exchange (permission marketing) programmed on your website to begin a “conversation with the most valuable customer segments, for example, email
  • UGC – Encourage User Generated Content – Comments, Feedback, Competitions, etc.

Some of Digital Branding Agency Clients

Digital Branding Agency

Ambassador Windows


NT Heating & Plumbing


Greenfeet Lawn Care

Digital Sales – The Local & Global Digital Branding Agency

If you are a company that wants to develop an online digital brand or needs help developing sales and leads online, call the team or send us a mail at:, see our contact us page for our office locations.

Digital Branding Agency
Digital Branding Agency

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