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Digital Sales & Marketing Facts from Digital Sales

Interesting Digital Sales Statistics from Ireland

Digital Sales & Marketing Facts from Digital Sales Facebook Engagement Average engagement rates for Facebook Posts in Ireland is 3.94%, however when your post includes a video

A Clutch Reference from a UK client of Digital Sales - Another Great Reference

Digital Sales Appreciates Its Trusted Customers

Did you know that the total amount of retail Ecommerce sales is projected to hit $4.5 trillion by 2021? That’s right… trillion with a ‘T’. In 2019

Google My Business - Digital Sales Ireland

Website Design Reviews – importance and our reviews @ Digital Sales

Website Design Reviews – we recently landed a new client and I asked our primary point of contact, ‘why did you call Digital Sales’? The answer was

Charity Website

Digital Sales launches first non-profit website for ‘My Project…Minding You’ –

We are simply going to let the video do the talking!!  Enjoy! Or check out this custom built design (no templates please!!) website here… Big thanks to

Digital Marketing Audit

Complimentary Digital Marketing Audit @ Digital Sales

Digital Marketing Audit @ Digital Sales – If your digital marketing strategy and activity is producing little return on your investment, then the Digital Marketing Audit from

Digital Marketing Audit
Digital Marketing Case Studies

Digital Marketing Case Studies @ Digital Sales – 291 Online Submissions in 6 Months….

Greenfeet Lawncare – Digital Marketing Case Study – Click on the Image Below for the Full Case Study – or see our Case Studies link to the

Digital Marketing Case Studies
Example of At Tag Checker Results on Digital Sales

Alt Checker at Digital Sales

Alt Checker – there are many factors that impact your organic SEO performance and making sure every image on your website has a Alt Tag attached to

Example of At Tag Checker Results on Digital Sales
Social Image Resizer Tool

Social Image Resizer Tool from Digital Sales

Social Image Resizer Tool – As marketeers we are all aware that image and first impressions can count for an awful lot.  Remember you only have 7

Social Image Resizer Tool
Online Broken Link Checker

Online Broken Link Checker @ Digital Sales

Online Broken Link Checker – We continue to add functionality to the Digital Sales Resource Centre with the purpose of facilitate Marketers and business owners with their

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How to work effectively with a Digital Marketing Agency in Galway

Digital Marketing Agency Galway – It is the desire of every business owner is to grow their brand, use the power of social networking to their business

B2B Digital Marketing Agency

B2B Digital Marketing Agency – Digital Sales

B2B Digital Marketing Agency – Digital marketing remains an effective communication tool and the perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective approach to reaching potential customers. Except you

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What a Digital Marketing Agency in Ireland can do for your business…

Digital Marketing Agency Ireland – In this present age, the need for effective marketing has become a necessity. Digital marketing is increasingly making it possible for anyone

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5 Key Reasons You Need A Digital Marketing Agency Dublin

Digital Marketing Agency Dublin – If you have been thinking about hiring a digital marketing agency Dublin has many options open to you.  There are loads of

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ecommerce website

Web Developer Dublin – More than a Website

Web Developer Dublin – Are you aware that most people do research online when looking for the products and services they need, in order to determine which

ecommerce website
ecommerce website

Digital Agency Dublin – Be Sure…

Digital Agency Dublin – Every business owner would like to see his or her business grow and expand successfully, however this goal is the aspiration for very

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