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Digital Strategy Consulting at Digital Sales – Awareness and Lead Generation

Digital Strategy Consulting at Digital Sales – Awareness and Lead Generation

When you begin implementing new strategies and tools into your business it is always important to have goals and a strategy in place to reach these goals.  By talking to digital strategy consulting experts such as Digital Sales. You can begin planning and implementation of your plans immediately. Perhaps you want to gain new social media followers, increase sales, increase brand awareness, or let your customers know of an impending sale. All these efforts require planning and strategy. At Digital Sales we can help you from start to finish. Let us look at some marketing strategies and the base premise of any marketing plan.

Things to consider when planning your digital marketing strategy:

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  • What your goals are-A business can only develop a marketing strategy once they know what their goals are. There is no point in building a road if you do not know your destination. Once you and your marketing agency have developed several set goals you can begin to develop a strategy and how you will reach these goals. Your digital strategy consulting firm should be able to outline specific methods and strategies to help you achieve your goals. This can include ads, content strategy and development, SEO, sales tactics and more.
  • Where your audience is in the buying cycle-The next step is to identify where your ideal customer is in the buying cycles. This can be the before during or after the purchase of a product or service from you. It is important to identify what stage they are at so you can market to them properly, improve customer relationships and develop new forms of communication. Targeting customers at the wrong time or place may make them reconsider who they do business with. A good digital strategy will know when and where to target your customers on their buyer journey and how to improve or develop a good customer relationship allowing for repeat customers.
  • What is your value proposition- This can also be called your USP? What do you provide your customer that your competition does not? In a crowded market, it is important to have a quality Value proposition. This can be anything from free delivery to an extended warranty or a limited discount. Figure out your USP in solution with your digital marketing agency and use this throughout your promotion and advertising.

What is the correct model?

You can see from some of the models on this page that there are various methods and approaches to digital marketing strategies. One consistent thing is that there is a continuous cycle. Your strategies should not stop at a dead end. Once complete your customers should be placed into another cycle of retargeting and the development of customer relationships. This allows for retargeting and the implementation of new strategies and tools in the marketing process.

Digital Strategy Consulting
The Customer Cycle

Digital Strategy Consulting, your Situational Analyses

Companies can undertake a digital strategy that includes Situational Analyses, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Actions and Control. This is essentially looking at your position now and developing key strategies to improve your current position and achieve new goals.

Situation Analyses
Situation Analyses

SWOT Analyses

Using SWOT Analyses will identify and document your customer and help analyse the competition. Objectives are then set against the digital strategy, objectives such as customer acquisition, customer retention, customer engagement, brand awareness or lead generation.

A marketing mix matrix is then designed, goals versus marketing mediums, such as:

  • Email – Data, Creative, Distribution
  • SEM – keyword research and marketing plan
  • Social Media – paid and unpaid

Like every project, it must be managed the plan is put into action. Clear ownership of the digital strategy assigned, the tactics implemented, timelines and executions are clear, and ultimately deliverables identified. A Marketing matrix involves using multiple channels to reach your goals. It is important to have analytics and tracking set up for such approaches as you have multiple strategies and channels working together. By being able to track your progress you can understand what approaches are working and what needs to be altered or changed completely.

The Marketing Funnel – Digital Strategy

Another tool that can aid the digital strategy is a ‘Marketing Funnel’ like the models discussed, but one which defines the customer cycle on a website, from ‘awareness’ to ‘loyalty’ and repeats purchase. Sales funnels are great for large campaigns, they do not have to necessarily result in a sale, but it could be a sign-up campaign and a way to gather customer data allowing for future targeting.


Marketing Mix Matrix
Marketing Mix Matrix

Digital Strategy Consulting from the experts at Digital Sales

If you are a company that wants to develop an online digital brand or is seeking digital strategy consulting in any form then Digital Sales can help. If you require short term consulting or the implementation of long-term goals and plans then we can assist you. Strategy can be anything form SEO, to the development of a website and landing pages etc, at Digital Sales we have all this covered and more. Call the team or send us a mail at, see our contact us page for our office locations.

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