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SEO Results for Digital Sales Client – update January 2020…

SEO Results for Digital Sales Client – update January 2020…

A very Happy New Year to all our clients at Digital Sales and to celebrate we have just released some latest Google Ranking results for a number of our clients!  Yes, we are a website design agency but we build websites that deliver results, sales focused results.  Yes, we are also a Google Ranking Company, so, lets take a look at some of our recent Google ranking results.

But first, if you are interested in our services at Digital Sales, check out this quick video:

Digital Sales – Results Driven Google Ranking Company

I will be upfront before we continue, I am using these SEO results, this marketing material to add another page to the Digital Sales website and attaching the search term: ‘Google Ranking Company’ to this post.  Now, I could easily upload the .pdf for this marketing material, just like on our Case Study page, see – however, Google ain’t so good at reading and indexing .pdfs.  They find it easier to index text, audio is in the pipeline – organically Podcasts  and Videos via audio may be a big SEO move for 2020.  So, lets talk about these results and why they are what they are…first up, Greenfeet Lawncare.

Google Ranking Company – Greenfeet Lawncare –

Lets cut straight to the results:

Google Ranking Company
Greenfeet Lawncare SEO Performance January 2020

Well, with Google Search Ranking results like these why spend money on Google Ads???  Once you undertake an SEO campaign with Digital Sales in time when the work really takes hold you switch off your Google Ads advertising, this is not something we would recommend, but its understandable, well, at a minimum, maybe you can reduce your monthly PPC budget.  Up to Mid 2018, Greenfeet were adding two or more pages to their site each month, it took some time and effort, but they got their eventually, as you can see.

The issue we have for any client, is NEVER stop adding content, OK, maybe cut back, but don’t stop.  You run the risk of losing your organic position is another competitor decides to copy what you did….

Next Up – Boom & Platform Ltd.Boom & Platform Hire SEO Results January 2020

What we did here is optimise the entire site, but in order to really target keywords, due to the fact that many product spec’s and descriptions on Plant Hire websites are copied from manufacturers.  So, its hard to differentiate.  The key here was to build a Blog and add unique content.  And you can see the results.  More SEO content and this company will destroy the competition with regards to organic ranking.

On a positive, they are adding social media content to their website and updating social media channels, which is good but the long term results are in SEO.  They need more SEO related content.

Local SEO Results – Rockcourt MedicalLocal SEO Results for Rockcourt Medical

We can’t claim too much credit here when it comes to a Google Ranking Company, really a Doctors Practice is very localised, and thus you may have three, four maybe five competitors.  So, it’s about getting the site SEO’ed from the ground up, that will give you a very good chance to rank and outrank the competition.  But you will notice no fresh content on their site.  There is a very good chance this client will drop down the rankings unless more content is uploaded. – Local and National Google Ranking Results - SEO Ranking Results January 2020 – SEO Ranking Results January 2020

We believe this website has performed due to its Download Speed, which has a 94% Download Speed rank on Desktop with Google PageSpeed Insights and with GT Metrix, 75% – which is very good.  You can see the report here.  Page Download Speed is an extremely important SEO Ranking factor, buy a cheap website design template, stuff it with heavy plugins, and you will struggle to rank your website.  High quality website hosting and custom website design are extremely important, stay clear of templates.

And to our final client profile for this blog post –

This sector is very specialised, Electric and Battery powered plant hire searches is the focus, but what is really interesting about this client is how quickly we were able to organically rank this website, from a brand new website launch (a new domain name).  Again, the key here is strategic, fresh and relevant content – we managed to turn the results around within a six month period.  Impressive!!

Organic Search Engine Results - Eco Plant Hire - January 2020
Organic Search Engine Results – Eco Plant Hire – January 2020

See our full report on the link below, in summary the companies that rank really well, usually have a marketing plan in place with Digital Sales.


Need Help Ranking your website with Google?

If you need help ranking your website organically, and are seeking a Google Ranking Company that delivers…do the necessary!!!…contact the Digital Sales team direct send us a mail at:, see our contact us page for our office locations.

Diarmuid Haughian – Business Development Director – Digital Sales

Post Grad Dip. User Experience (UX), Dip. International Selling, Cert. Digital Marketing, MSc. BITS

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