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HTML5 Web Development – What is HTML5

HTML5 Web Development – What is HTML5

HTML5 Web Development – What is HTML5…well, it’s the fifth and most current HTML standard, which makes it very relevant, relevant in terms of usability and SEO.  If you are in the process of building a new website, make sure the markup language used is HTML5, below we document why, but first, how to check if your website is in fact in html5.

HTML5 Web Development – How do check if your website is HTML5

If you right click on your homepage and select ‘View page source’, or on your keypad, hit: Control and U at the same time.  This will open the page source code, now see the first line of code, it should read:

<!DOCTYPE html>

And look like:

HTML5 Web Development
How to Check if your Website is HTML5
If so, then your website is coded in HTML5, so what are the advantages of HTML5

This website is a great tool to find our what software and technology is used on a website, see:

HTML5 Web Development – What are the advantages of using HTML5 in simple non-technical terms

  • The code used will be neater and cleaner, resulting is less code and better download speeds. Page download speed is a considerable SEO ranking factor at present
  • The website will look and feel sharper – see some of the examples below, especially on a mobile device and the submission forms
  • No plugin tags are required in order to play audio and video files, for example a Flash plugin
  • The offline Caching functionality will also lead to much faster download speeds, a better user experience and also reduces the load on the server.

There are many more technical advantages, but we shall leave that discussion for another day.

HTML5 Web Development – Here is a nice infographic that describes the Features of HTML5

HTML5 Features
HTML5 Features

HTML5 Web Development – Some HTML5 Examples from Digital Sales

You can view a selection of HTML5 websites built by Digital Sales, see the online submission forms, the format on mobile, the colours and shades used:

HTML5 Web Development – Time to Act….

To summarise, the user experience, download speed and SEO factors, make HTML5 the markup language to build your website on (not to mention the other technical advantages), the time to act is now.

So, if you are commissioning a web development company to build your website, ensure that it is built in HTML5 and make sure they have experience of building websites in HTML5.  If you are happy with your website design and it happens to be in an older version of html, it is possible to upgrade your code, so do keep that in mind, rather than a new build.

HTML5 Web Development – Need to convert your current website into HTML5 or built a new website in HTML5?  Contact the Digital Sales team for a quotation today.

If you would like to add to our blog post, do comment below and continue the discussion, we would love to hear your feedback and add to the ‘what is html5’ conversation!

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