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A Potential Magazine Advertising Sales Proposal

A Potential Magazine Advertising Sales Proposal

We recently received a call from a well respected Business magazine in Ireland and their proposition was a tradition branding advert within their printed magazine, digital magazine and their online website portal.  As a modern digital business, were we interested?  Yes and No, we were listening and we appreciate the importance of offline marketing.  They had our attention. So…

Yes we were interested, but really we wanted more.  At Digital Sales we are always creating content, and adding to old content, but we are also focusing on backlinks and building that facet of our SEO strategy upwards.  So, what really interested us about the phone call from this Business magazine wasn’t really the traditional advert, but the backlink on their website, which would go towards our SEO Organic Ranking Campaign.

But why?  Well, backlinks are ‘authority signals’ to the search engines.  Endorsements as such.  Backlinks were devalued some time ago from an SEO perspective, they were really exploted by a lot of websites and so called SEO companies, and many were deranked with subsequent Google and other search engine update.  However, they are still important and people will reach out to you as a website administrator and ask for a link and pay for that link.  Ofcourse the website should have good domain authority.  If you want proof, here you go, but be careful, flood your website backlinks and you could easily spam your own website and over time kill your Domain Authority:

Example One – Selling a Backlink

Backlink Advertising - Link Request

Example Two – Looking to Source Sites to place backlinks

Backlink Request

Example Three – Looking to get a link on a website

Backlinks and Magazine Advertising

What some backlink specialist will do, is analyse their competition, see where their competitors have backlinks and then get a link on that page in order to match their competitors backlink credit.  Clever. Put it to the test, our Logo Design blog post has a link on it and we regularly receive requests for backlinks.  Which we have refused as we do not want to potentially compromise our our Domain Authority.  See this link: now see the link to:

Anyway, getting back to Magazine Advertising and how I offered my advice which would make the appeal to advertise in their magazine more appetising.

We turned down the opportunity to advertise with the Business Magazine, which got me thinking.  How should any modern magazine position their advertising package to potential sponsors?  So, I put my Diploma in Sales and Certificate in Digital Marketing to work and I sent a mail to the contact within this Business Magazine and I offered this advice:

A Potential Magazine Advertising Sales Proposal – Branding – SEO Position – Online Profile and Social Media Content Marketing

Hi ,

Good to talk earlier today.

Have a look at the email from David on the 15th of April within this thread – see his sales proposition?

For the purposes of this blog post, here is the email from David

SEO and Backlink Proposal

Also, he sent a mail after we bought the first profile above:

We have two more posts, where also we can give you two backlinks: – 4th Position ($39) – 4th Position ($39)

We bought the two above for 50 dollars.

Will we see a return on 150 dollars?  Three backlinks and potential high quality traffic.  Maybe.  But it’s worth a punt at that price.

What is the Domain Authority (DA) of the three sites above?  They wouldn’t be great, but for 150 dollars and the backlinks, I wasn’t that bothered.

You should be including your DA in your proposition to advertisers, according to MOZ yours is 42, which isn’t bad.  52 on ahrefs – its valuable.

Use these links to verify your DA:

Are you including this important factor in your Sales Pitch?

These facts should be a part of your proposition to advertisers.  And then you can also include 2 backlinks, 3 backlinks to not just the homepage, but inner pages.  Will the link be permanent, permanent can add more value. A link to the homepage, and maybe a link to a page within their site they want to promote themselves from an SEO perspective.  See the example links below.  The content is poor, but we are more concerned about the backlinks, ‘backlink juice’ is what it is referred to in the sector.

See this content and what we are trying to do for 

So, you write a profile for an advertiser, embed a number of links – more links, more you charge.  And some can be no follows and follows.

These matters and young marketing managers will know the importance.

Strategically, if I owned your business, I would be looking at the attached example of Keyword Analyses and then putting together a plan to rank the ABC Magazine site for strategic keywords that say a Law Firm wants to rank for.  This would take research and planning well in advance.

It can take 3 to 6 months, maybe longer to rank for certain keywords.

Best Hosting Companies in Ireland – get a profile on this page within our site which is organically ranking 2th on Google – DA – 52, three backlinks to improve your SEO. Profile in the Magazine, Electronic Magazine, etc…


For example, do a search for:

Google Ranking Company – here we outrank Google.


Logo Design Dublin – this page was uploaded a year ago is ranking first.  You have to ask the question why and how?

I had a quick look at your website from an SEO perspective, it’s very poor.  However, you have the potential to create future content which will rank and which you can sell as part of a combined branding and awareness package.  In fact, I think it would be an easy sell.

First things first, you need to undertake a full SEO and UX audit of your website, and while doing this I would be looking at strategically looking at targeting keyword strings that your potential advertiser like Digital Sales for example MUST be listed in.

Then you change your page article title from Best Legal form in Ireland 2019 to Best Legal Firms in Ireland 2020 – you keep your organic ranking and you can resell it. COMMENT – Google have started to kick back on this practice, so, it may not be overly effective into the future

Again, you would need to put a strategic SEO plan in place, for your own website first and then what will advertisers what to rank for, what will your future content be?


Magazine Advertising – Is there a future – Comment

Absolutely, but magazines and publishers need to think smart and piggy back on the search engines, Work with their power and offer sales solution and propositions which will help companies organicially on search engines.  You have the Domain Authority and the traditional advertising can be reuse as great digital content marketing.  Again another point to the value proposition.  If you need help, feel free to give Digital Sales a call, I’m sure we can help.

Diarmuid Haughian – Business Development Director – Digital Sales

UX (User Experience) Post Grad Dip., Cert. Digital Marketing, MSc. BITS, Dip. International Selling

Diarmuid Haughian - Digital Signature



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