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PageRank is Dead……Why? Or is it really Dead??

PageRank is Dead……Why? Or is it really Dead??

PageRank is dead, so they say!!  Well, you may have landed on the Digital Sales PageRank Checker page, entered your domain name and got no result…..well, that’s because Google have disabled external access to PageRank values.  You may have also noticed the PageRank meter on the Chrome Toolbar when you visited a website, see Google’s 10 PageRank below, is also no longer visible:

Pagerank Dead
Pagerank Dead

PageRank is Dead – See Chrome Bar PageRank

Simply speaking, PageRank values are no longer accessible outside of Google, however, it is still an SEO Ranking factor and is still used internally by Google.  So, the points made on the PageRank Checker url within Digital Sales are still very relevant, good quality backlinks matter and influence organic SEO position.

Why did Google make PageRank Dead to the Outside World

The measurement was simply abused beyond belief, to the extent that a ‘backlinks industry’ was formed.  Website owners were driven to increase their website PageRank and to do that they bought and abused link building….it was rampant…check out your comments fields within your blog, there is probably a link in every spam comment!  Do you recall getting direct emails looking to get a nondescript off topic article and embedded link into your site?  Well…..that’s why…..PageRank….and that’s why PageRank is dead to the external world outside Google.

Links were supposed to be earned naturally, if you had a link on a website back to your site, Google assumed, ‘this site must be providing very good content, it has thousands of links, let’s give this site a better PageRank and subsequently a better organic search position’.  But Google has evolved and is now much wiser!!!  And smart enough to make PageRank dead!  But not quite!

The PageRank meter is certainly dead, but not PageRank, backlinks sre still important.  You need quality and relevant links back to your website; abuse backlinks and you open yourself to getting blacklisted.

Attain High Quality & Relevant Backlinks

Revert back to our PageRank page and you will find some great pointers and if you have any comments or suggestions, please add to the comments box, we very much welcome dialogue, discussion and debate.

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