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Why Digital Sales built a Magento company website on

Why Digital Sales built a Magento company website on

Magento Company…Digital Sales…well its quite simple, like many strategic decisions made, it’s about time, money, credibility and lead generation!  On this very website there are 246 pages, this page will make it 247 pages – by the way, if you want to find out how many pages are on your website, see our Broken Link checker.  As you can imagine composing almost 250 pages of content is very time consuming.  So, what has that got to do with

But first, if you are interested in our services at Digital Sales, check out this quick video:

Magento Company Website – SEO Content

The reason we have so many pages on our site, is that we are trying to rank for industry keywords (this blog post we have targeted ‘Magento Company’, only ten searches on, but a high value search string) and it is referred to as a form of content marketing. has only been live for a couple of years and the sector is extremely competitive – so our organic traffic success to date is work in progress.  Credibility and SEO takes time.  The key is to keep active and keep adding valued content to your website.  The turning point is only around the corner and never give up…

And this is one of the reasons we built a magento company specific website, we believe we will achieve competitive advantage over our competitors if we have a designated and strategic website for Magento only.  And we owned the domain name so, why not put it to work.  We believe it will rank faster and better for Magento keyword over uploading Magento blog posts onto the Digital Sales blog.

So, that’s lead generation covered, what about costs…

Cost of PPC Advertising for Magento type queries

Now, paying for PPC Ads, is expensive, especially if the margins are very high, high value items like ‘car insurance’, ‘magento website design’ would be classed as high value items.  And Magento website development is time consuming and thus expensive.  How much might you pay for a click, I hear you ask…

  • Magento Developer – seven euro
  • Magento eCommerce – five euro
  • Magento Support – almost five euro
  • Magento Development Company – over twelve euro

It’s said that every ten clicks you will receive one piece of business.  I’m not sure of that stat and you can end up receiving a lot of enquiries that aren’t real highly qualified leads.  It wouldn’t take long to blow 500 euro.

Anyway, if you can organically rank, your lead to new business ratio is awful higher than PPC leads.  So, we are investing in as a long-term organic lead generation tool, bypassing the cost of PPC Advertising.

Other PPC Advantages

If you decide to build a secondary website, and you set up a PPC Campaign, using ‘Magento’ as an example, and you make the landing page for your PPC ad, – advertisers will view this landing page very ‘relevant’ (the keyword is in the domain name) and your Quality Score will be very favourable.

So, if you do intend undertaking a PPC Ad Campaign, make sure your landing page points to your SEO specific website – our PPC ads for ‘Magento’ go to: Our Quality Score is better than on and thus our cost per click is cheaper and we are out ranking our competition, which is as important.

So, more advantages!!  But consider this, other costs…

Other Costs involved

Remember if you take this strategic approach to digital lead generation, there are costs and time involved.  You have two of everything now, so you will need Local Website Hosting and SSL Cert (both yearly costs), your site may need a Firewall, it will need to be monitored, backed up and updates applied.  More costs.  But you will have to keep adding content to the site…again…more time.  You have to consider these factors.

Many of these factors we can swallow at Digital Sales, so it was easier for us to make this decision.

Magento Company Website – SEO Blog Posts

Now, the website is a homepage website with a blog, that’s it.  Nothing more and nothing less.  The homepage design is custom built, but nothing spectacular, it portrays a professional image and all the links bar the blog, link back to

Now within our blog we have four blog posts, and we are starting to rank organically for (date July 2019):

  • Magento Developers Dublin – page 3
  • Magento Dublin – page 4
  • Magento Development Dublin – page 5
  • Magento Ireland – page 7

We will update this blog post in September and see what movement has been achieved.  The proof is in the pudding! – Prospect Credibility and SEO Credibility

We do an awful lot of SEO research at Digital Sales for our many clients, and this includes competitor analyses.  Many websites find it hard to rank outside their homepage, and any website that rank blog posts, you know they are on the their game.  Exactly what this ‘Magento Company’ blog post is trying to do.  But if your primary search string is in your domain name, you will rank faster for your homepage.  Now, stop your digital marketing or website activity and it will drop like a stone.  But keep it active and you will do very well from the ad hoc research we have taken.

Again, we will keep an eye on the project on and see how this evolves.

GMB – Organic Search

If you have an office in a city, and you have a strategic website just built like this example, then, register the website as a company.  Strategically, name it and get a few reviews.  We are going to call our company:

Magento Dublin & Ireland

I will upload a screenshot once live.  But check out this example for:

‘SEO Expert Dublin’

An easy win, see the right-hand side, a strategically convenient name!!

Mangento Company
GMB – Organic Search

Looking for Magento Web Design Company….Digital Sales

If you are a company that wants to build a world class eCommerce website, needs help with your organic search position, Digital Strategy or generating online sales……do the necessary!!!…contact the Digital Sales team direct send us a mail at:, see our contact us page for our office locations.

Diarmuid Haughian – Business Development Director – Digital Sales

Dip. International Selling, Cert. Digital Marketing, MSc. BITS, MA Career Guidance

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