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What is eCommerce website design and development?

What is eCommerce website design and development?

eCommerce website design and development 2020 - Digital Sales

Design is one of the most fundamental aspects of making your eCommerce website a success. We at Digital Sales design and develop great looking & perfectly functional eCommerce websites so that eCommerce companies increase their revenue and grow faster. Our professionals have the caliber to turn your eCommerce website into a useful online selling tool. Moreover, our suite of eCommerce solutions will give you complete control over your website.

Although developing a useful eCommerce website can be a challenging and complicated process. Fortunately, we are experts in developing top of the line world-class eCommerce websites because we always emphasize on some “must-haves” which we include:

  • A highly professional and user-friendly eCommerce website design
  • An easy access to checkout, shopping cart, shipping, and refund information
  • A fast-loading product catalogue
  • A Comprehensive search/filter options
  • Quick-preview capabilities
  • Clear terms and conditions
  • A strong & reliable data security to protect your customer’s information

Alina Wheeler, a top design and branding expert, said: “Design is intelligence made visible.”  But, to do that, we need to follow a guideline or the best practices in the eCommerce website designing business.


Here are the Best Practices that we follow to design a great eCommerce website for you:

  • We provide the best customer experience possible: A great customer experience is about making it simple for customers to buy products from your website, while also making it a great pleasure for them. These practices help us to create a website experience your customers will love.
  • We try to boost sales through conversion rate optimisation: The Great designs that we provide will help you convert more website visitors into paying customers, which will increase your sales, and enhance your business performance.
  • We strive to improve customer retention: You don’t want website visitors or existing customers to leave your website and buy the same product from someone else. A great design will help you grab the attention of your website visitors, and encourage your customers to be loyal towards your brand.
  • We try to reinforce your brand: Great design will speak volumes about who you are, what your brand stands for, and help you to be perceived appropriately. Designing is about excellent communication.
  • We focus upon building customer relationships: People tend to trust websites that are designed well, and therefore, will want to engage more with them. This helps a lot in building great customer relationships with trust at its foundation.
  • We believe that every eCommerce business should have a USP: A Unique Selling Proposition shows the value of your product on the market and your differentiation among the competition. This will help you to stand out to make your brand memorable. Customers should have a reason to choose you rather than the competitor.


We also emphasize on having a clear understanding of who your ideal customer is-

The point is that thousands of people are wasting lots of money on advertising because they haven’t managed to investigate their buyer personas in due time.

So, the vital points to know about your target audience are-

  • Demographics (age, gender, level of income, education, the place of residence)
  • Attitudes (interests, motivation)
  • How much value does your product hold? (will it make the life of your customers better and what kind of problems can it solve)
  • What type of typical/non-typical objectives your buyer’s persona might have?
  • What will make them purchase your product?
  • What medium should your customer use to search for your product?


What will you get if you properly segment your target audience –

  • You’ll be able to set correct targeting on Facebook
  • You or your marketers will know what kind of messages your audience needs to see to find out the value of the product
  • You’ll know how to improve the product to exceed the customers’ expectations.


New Era, New customers & new rules to make your eCommerce business successful.

Forrester predicts that in 2020 Google will prioritize progressive websites and apps in search results. So this implies that a lot of brands would want to increase their visibility. It also means that our developers will turn up their sleeves and start optimising the platform’s resources to:

  • Increase the performance (to speed up the page load)
  • Improve the accessibility of your webpage or app
  • Improve the code quality (using the best practices)
  • And make sure that all the pages are optimised for search engine results ranking

Why is there a need to choose the Best eCommerce Design Solution?

The increasing demand for online businesses has instantly become an indispensable part of the commercial sector, where every company is looking forward to hiring website designing firms like Digital Sales that can offer them integrated websites. These websites help them to promote and sell their products to the diversified customers by using the extensive network of the internet. This has become the most relevant trend in the current scenario, which makes people buy and sell products through the online market. eCommerce website offers both the company and the customers a feel of comfort and a wide range of products. A company adopts every possible strategy to earn the maximum profits and put down its unbeatable reputation among the competitors present in the online world. Therefore, the companies are looking forward to choosing the best eCommerce Design Solution

eCommerce website design and development 2020 - Digital Sales

So, that’s that. Now you have the working knowledge about an eCommerce website. Thus, if you think that your business is in dire need of an eCommerce Website, then you should go on and hire a professional web designing company like usDigital Sales will design the perfect eCommerce website for you. We assure you that all our experts will be geared towards aspiring & diverting the users and customers towards your site so that they vigorously buy the product listed on your website.

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