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Joomla Web Design, 12 Reasons Why and When?

Joomla Web Design, 12 Reasons Why and When?

Joomla Web Design – This blog post is focusing on the self-hosted CMS Joomla, rather than the cloud version.  What kind of website/CMS market share as of 2019 does Joomla have and why is it ideal for certain types of Website Design projects?

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Joomla Market Share as a CMS

Well, WordPress is number one at a 60% market share, followed by Joomla on 6.6% and Drupal on 4.6%.  Before we look at why Joomla is popular, lets take a look at some Joomla Web Design work we rate at Digital Sales, from the likes of:

But what are the advantages of Joomla and how does it differ from WordPress & Drupal

  • The positives for Joomla are similar to other CMS’s and many have similar advantages. And so…Joomla has won countless Best Website CMS awards and it has many extensions, in fact, Joomla has 10K extensions
  • Joomla is ideal if you are planning on building a multilingual Website, it has over 75 language packs
  • Just like other CMS’s, it is SEO ready with best practice on-page SEO embedded with the system
  • Joomla is very safe and secure, and better than WordPress in this regard
  • Support is very good, with online support forums, user groups and information events, video training and extensive documentation. Again, just like Drupal and WordPress
  • Its globally used and built-in .php open software, its free to use, free to download and upgrades are also free. What more can you ask for!!

But really, under what conditions should you use Joomla as a preferred CMS for your website?

What Website Projects should use Joomla?

WordPress is great for beginners, however making significant visual changes can be difficult.  And Drupal is quite technical and will require a skilled website developer.  Joomla is closer to WordPress for ease of use. So, it’s manageable for ‘do it yourself’ website builders with no coding experience.

From the most popular CMS’s, WordPress, Joomla, and WordPress, Joomla is the best CMS for eCommerce websites.

Joomla is very secure and also great for developers – thus it is flexible and can be manipulated, so, if you will be constantly tweaking your website Joomla is a good choice.

From a fundamental website perspective, Joomla is perfect for:

  • Websites with large amounts of content and pages
  • Websites with large or complex navigation structures
  • Websites with extensive or frequently changing design requirements
  • Multi-section websites with color variation requirements

From a Subscription and Membership type online business:

  • Websites with user registration requirements
  • Websites with content restriction requirements
  • Membership or subscription-based websites
  • Community or forum-based websites

Perfect for a medium to large companies with a focus on sharing and contributing towards projects (versioning and workflows), Intranet type requirements:

  • Business websites that need a private “Client Area” or customer login section (portals)
  • International websites and projects
  • Websites requiring multilingual features
  • Websites with Multilingual content and teams
Joomla Web Design Summary

Every CMS has its positives, and some are better than others for specific requirements.  In reality, a good web design and development company can handle any project with any CMS – some may prefer one over the other and some may not have the in-house knowledge of one over another.  However, the points above make Joomla a good choice if your website design project covers many of the 12 points above and at Digital Sales we have the Joomla Website Design team in place to kick off any Joomla project.

Need a Joomla Web Design company…..throughout Ireland?

if you need help with your current Joomla website or want to build a brand new Joomla website…do the necessary!!!…contact the Digital Sales team direct send us a mail at, see our contact us page for our office locations.

Diarmuid Haughian – Business Development Director – Digital Sales

Dip. International Selling, Cert. Digital Marketing, MSc. BITS, MA Career Guidance

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