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Drupal Web Design, Why?

Drupal Web Design, Why?

Drupal Web Design – Like Google having a powerful and predominantly negative market share in Ireland.   When it comes to web design, WordPress has a large market share for web design CMS’s (Content Management System’s).  But are there competitors to WordPress?  Yes, and many very good competitors.

Google is way ahead of the pack regarding search engines especially for local search and within English speaking regions, WordPress likewise.  However, the gap between Google and Bing might be large, but does the same gap apply to WordPress’s competitors?  Let’s take a look at Drupal as a website content management system.

But first, if you are interested in our services at Digital Sales, check out this quick video:

Drupal Web Design – Drupal v WordPress Video Comparison

Check our the video – published January 2017 – remember things change very quickly.  Drupal and WordPress will have changed since 2017 and also best practices will have changed.

To summarise the video:

  • SEO – WordPress wins
  • Security – Drupal wins
  • Extend & Customise – WordPress wins
  • Content Management & Performance – WordPress wins

3-1 to WordPress, but as the commentator states at the end, ‘but we’re probably a bit biased, in all honestly’!!  But what do the Website Development and Website Design team at Digital Sales think of Drupal?

Drupal Web Design – Real Drupal Advantages

Drupal has more functionality, but you need to have the knowledge to exploit this additional functionality.  Ergo, making the most of Drupal is not something you can do inhouse – the learning curve can be high, but the outcomes are usually very good.

If your website requires more template designs, then Drupal is a better choice than WordPress.  Really Drupal is a web developer’s platform, so managing the web design internally usually turns into a mistake!  You have to engage a professional Drupal Web Design company like Digital Sales if you want things to run smoothy.

Custom Built Website

There are countless website themes within WordPress, now we aren’t big fans of themes for a number of reasons, we are a custom web design company.  And Drupal is a far better platform is you plan on building a custom website.  It’s harder to design a custom website in WordPress as opposed to Drupal.

Here are a few Drupal Web Design which we like at Digital Sales
Updates and Plugins, called Modules in Drupal

Plugins within WordPress are fairly easy to update, configure and install (make sure you back up prior to applying any updates).  However, Drupal like Magento, the modules are harder to configure, you will need a developers assistance.  So, there will most likely be ongoing costs to factor when deciding to go with a Drupal website.

Legacy – How big will your website be?

WordPress’s background is as a blogging platform, Drupal no so!  Drupal can handle larger websites better, pages and pages of content, hence you will have heavy content websites like Government, Media and Educational websites using Drupal.

You have to ask the question, how big will your website be?

Your Technical Knowledge & Time to Learn

If your core business is away from technology, then you will want a CMS which is easy to use and quick to learn.  Drupal is easy to use, but the learning curve is more difficult than WordPress.  Or take this issue out of the question and outsource your website maintenance and put a service contract in place.  You may not even have the time to manage or update a WordPress site – but it is easier to manage.


As stated above, both core systems are secure, the issues is the plugin and modules, the third party software providers.  How secure are these?  The Drupal software development community appear to more zealous when it comes to the upkeep of their modules.


WordPress is easier to developer and maintain – thus the man hours required are less.  Drupal developer, really are developers!  There are less of them, the design and development work takes longer, which implies the cost is higher.

Digital Sales Summary

If you are planning a large customisable website and you have the budget – go with a Drupal Web Design solution.  If you are a small business, on a budget and want to keep your costs low…WordPress.

Looking for a talented Drupal Web Design Agency?

So, if you need help with your current Drupal website or want to build a new site using Drupal…do the necessary!!!…contact the Digital Sales team direct send us a mail at:, see our contact us page for our office locations.

Diarmuid Haughian – Business Development Director – Digital Sales

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