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Local SEO & Apple Maps

Local SEO & Apple Maps

Local SEO & Apple Maps – There are many tactics we employ at Digital Sales that impact our Local SEO organic position on search engines.

By Local SEO we are implying, when a prospect searches a Location and a search term.  So, maybe in our digital marketing sector, a potential prospect may search Local SEO company in Dublin.

But first, if you are interested in our services at Digital Sales, check out this quick video:

Local SEO – Why is Apple Maps important?

Many users have iPhone and Macs, and the default voice search app is Suri and Suri defaults to Apple Maps and not their competitor, Google Maps!

In fact, the search volumes for ‘Apple Maps’ from Google Keyword analyses has gone from 1890 search in April to a peak of 11090 in June 2019 within Ireland – a significant increase.

Speaking of growth, Apple are processing 5 billion mapping requests each week.

If you have an iPhone, and you are more into Apps versus using a browser, how many steps does it take to open Apple Maps versus Google Maps – yes, Apple Maps is one step less and thus more prominent.

As stated on earlier blog posts, backlinks are important, and a backlink from Apple has a high domain authority attached to it, so, it’s a free backlink, get it!!  A perhaps a backlink your competitors may not have at the moment.

Considering all the factors above, Apple are really starting to push Apple Maps for Local SEO and we believe will push Google Maps very soon.

BUT REALLY, YOU NEED TO BE ON APPLE MAPS…NOW.  Check out Digital Sales on Apple Maps, in order to get a visual idea of Google Maps versus Apple Maps:

A few Apple Maps Tips from our experience

We listed with Apple Maps some time ago in order to better perform for Local SEO searches!!  Historically, it was rather difficult to register with Apple Maps outside of the US, but things have opened up somewhat.  Apple are really starting to invest in Apple Maps and we think this will continue.

However, it can be tricky getting listed on Apple Maps, and it can be very frustrating sometimes.

Apple have a strong relationship with Yelp (they appear to be mining data from Yelp), so firstly I would suggest you get your company registered with  In fact, they will take your review stats from yelp.  Make sure you get a few reviews on Yelp.  See the link below within our Google Maps profile:

Yelp on Apple Maps
Yelp on Apple Maps

They will make a phone call to your landline and a human will be verifying your account, not a robot.  They might even look for images of your premises. You may need to log a support ticket to overcome issues which sometimes crop up regarding phone numbers.

Make sure you populate your Apple Maps profile as much as possible and certainly insert a link back to your company website.

Need help with your Local SEO efforts?

Anyway, we thought we should tell the world that we are available to help any company looking to increase their local SEO presence.  And if you need any help with your Apple Maps listed and how best to optimise it for local SEO.  Give the team at Digital Sales a call.

Looking for the a Local SEO Agency in Dublin and throughout Ireland…Digital Sales

If you are a company that wants to build a world class website, needs help with your organic search position, Digital Strategy or generating online sales……do the necessary!!!…contact the Digital Sales team direct send us a mail at:, see our contact us page for our office locations.

Diarmuid Haughian – Business Development Director – Digital Sales

Dip. International Selling, Cert. Digital Marketing, MSc. BITS, MA Career Guidance

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