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Best SEO Company in Ireland – Why its Digital Sales!

Best SEO Company in Ireland – Why its Digital Sales!

Best SEO Company Ireland – The first thing we will do at Digital Sales is not in fact look at your on-page SEO, but the value proposition you offer your clients.  What differentiates you from your competition and how do you convey that message on your website?

Because if you get that wrong, well, you might get the traffic, but will you convert, and will you waste all that hard work, effort and money spent on improving your organic search engine position.

So, the best SEO company in Ireland will firstly analyse your business and act as a traditional digital sales consultant.

But first, if you are interested in our services at Digital Sales, check out this quick video:

Best SEO Company in Ireland – What is working and What is not working

From current client feedback, try and find out what is working, and what is not working.  How did you find us?  Why did you decide to go with us?  What were the three primary reasons they went with you as a provider?  Can these factors be more prominent on your website, embedded in your email signatures, marketing material, etc?

What Social Proof worked on your website?  Perhaps you have limited social proofing on your website?

And even more important, ask questions to the clients you lost or didn’t win.  Try and find out why they didn’t go with you.  Was it price or your pricing model?  Then maybe your pricing needs amending, perhaps you are targeting the wrong type of client?

Was it the company sales pitch?  Was thee trust issues? Did they think you were not capable? Ask all these questions to get an idea of what needs addressing.

A Good SEO Company will strategically select keywords

Its easy to organically rank for a keyword in Ireland that has little competition and no search volumes.  Don’t be fooled by great long tail organic search position, when there are hardly any searches against it and you are not generating any leads or relevant website traffic.

Instead a ‘best SEO company in Ireland’, will undertake a full keyword analyses, prioritise each keyword in sequence and assign a strategy to rank those keywords.  With an initial primary focus on ‘easier’ win, keywords with less competition, yet still a priority.

A full on-page, off page SEO and technical SEO Audit

If you have searched, ‘Best SEO Company Ireland’, you probably realise that your website has issues, we will undertake a full SEO Audit, the details of which can be found, on our Digital Marketing Products page.  Your website based on our assessment may need a complete overhaul.  Yes, a brand-new website.  Sometimes its easily to just start again!

Best SEO Company Ireland
Best SEO Company Ireland
Some Simple SEO Audits you can undertake right now

For a few SEO Audit tips, check out:

6 Quick SEO Website Checks you can Undertake

5 Quick Checks you can Undertake Right Now

Also, check out our Resources page for some great SEO Audit tools, including Keyword Density Checker, an Alt Tag Checker and a Broken Link Checker.  If the answer to the questions within the SEO blog posts above are negative, you need to be searching: ‘best SEO company Ireland’.

Remember, there is no point undertaking loads of SEO activity, if your website is awful, is technicality inept, and sends out the wrong messages….Check out our web design Portfolio.

Looking for the Best SEO Company in Ireland….Digital Sales

If you are a company that wants to build a world class website, needs help with your organic search position, Digital Strategy or generating online sales……do the necessary!!!…contact the Digital Sales team throughout Ireland, send us a mail at:, see our contact us page for our office locations.

Diarmuid Haughian – Business Development Director – Digital Sales

Post Grad Dip. User Experience (UX), Dip. International Selling, Cert. Digital Marketing, MSc. BITS

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