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Does Hosting Effect SEO

Does Hosting Effect SEO – Location & Download Speed

Does Hosting Effect SEO – It was said that local web hosting effects the performance of your website and the organic SEO position of your website.  It

SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing – First organic SEO leads after website launch – 18th November to the 1st of May – 5 Months

SEO Marketing – Last Tuesday at Digital Sales Ireland ( we received our first inbound organic SEO sales lead, five months after website launch.  Now you may

Pagerank Dead

PageRank is Dead……Why? Or is it really Dead??

PageRank is dead, so they say!!  Well, you may have landed on the Digital Sales PageRank Checker page, entered your domain name and got no result…..well, that’s

SEO Services Ireland

International SEO @ Digital Sales

International SEO: The best approach to SEO is simple, copy the search engines, Google Do, You Do!!  Now, I’m focusing on Google within this piece, as they

SEO Agency Dublin

SEO Services @ Digital Sales – Technical SEO – Whats involved???

One of the SEO Services we provide at Digital Sales is Technical SEO, people may get a little ‘scared’ of the word ‘technical’.  And when it comes

SEO Agency Dublin

HTTPS SEO – Some of our clients have just gone HTTPS and all for SEO Purposes…….Not Quite!

Https SEO – If you happen to be in the Internet sector, you’ll probable know what a ‘Secure website is’ and how you know that a website you

Google Analytics Agency

Keyword Analytics & Domain Registration – Digital Sales

Keyword Analytics – Depending on the company strategy and the stage of your company’s growth, will both impact on the domain name a company will or should

Google Analytics Agency
SEO Consultant Dublin

SEO Consultant Dublin – I get you to No. 1 in Google, Guaranteed!!!

SEO Consultant Dublin – OK, beware of any so called ‘SEO Consultant Dublin’, who boldly states, ‘I can get you No. 1 in Google!!!  Yes, how many

SEO Consultant Dublin
Search Engine Market Share

Search Engine Market Share – Don’t Ignore Other Search Engines…Here’s Why?

Search Engine Market Share – Some of the team (including oneself!!) were at a recent digital marketing information session for small business owners in Dublin City Centre. 

SSL Certificate

A SSL Certificate for your site – Why they are important

SSL Certificate – A recent study by SEMrush which analysed 12 ranking factors found that website security (HTTPS) came in 7th and was ranked as a ‘heavy’

On Page SEO

On Page SEO – How we composed 14 blog posts which became top 20 most trafficked pages

On Page SEO – Businesses write blog posts to generate traffic, shares, likes, etc.  Now, traffic to your website and social amplification are important SEO factors, but

Malware Removal

Malware Removal from Digital Sales

Malware Removal – So your website has been hacked and is now infected, you may see warnings on the search engine results like: Or, when a potential

SEO Services Ireland

What Are The SEO Services Ireland Has to Offer?

SEO Services Ireland – As a business owner, one of the most important and intelligent decisions that you can make revolves around online marketing practice. Many people

SEO Services Ireland
Web Design Wexford

Hiring the Best SEO Agency Dublin Has to Offer

SEO Agency Dublin – When it comes to running an online business, one of the best decisions that you can make is to hire an SEO Agency.

Web Design Wexford
SEO & Online Marketing 2020 - Digital Sales

What’s The Difference Between SEO and Online Marketing?

SEO and Online Marketing platforms are as different as apples and oranges. However, these two platforms work together for a drastically more critical benefit of growing an online

SEO & Online Marketing 2020 - Digital Sales
SEO consultant or Agency in Ireland

How do you choose an SEO consultant or Agency in Ireland?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation Company has the job of analysing, reviewing and improving websites and search engine performance. They need to decide and recommend better ways

SEO consultant or Agency in Ireland